Biologically, it is impossible for 5G mobile phone signals to either transmit COVID-19 or reduce our defences to it. But this hasn’t stopped self-styled UFO hunter Scott Waring from spreading an even more bizarre rumour: technology can kill birds.

He took to his UFO Sightings Daily blog in an attempt to explain his bizarre belief.

World news is telling about hundreds of thousands of birds dying this week for no apparent cause

Scott Waring

He said: “World news is telling about hundreds of thousands of birds dying this week for no apparent cause.

“But birds are sensitive, hundreds of times more than humans.

“That is why miners use to take a canary into the mining caves with them.

“The only two new things going on in the world today that could [affect] birds.

“First COVID-19, if dogs could get it, then some specifies of birds could get it too. but COVID-19 is a coronavirus and it usually focuses on a particular species. So that leaves 5G towers.”

Without offering any actual evidence, he expounds on the so-called theory.

He said: “Did you know that the US DOD (Department of Defense) uses a direct energy weapon that uses similar frequencies in a weapon called the Active Denial System (ADS).

“The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target—that is, millimetre wavelengths as a non-lethal but painful deterrent to controlling crowds.

“So 95 GHz waves hurt humans! How about birds?

“The frequency bands for 5G networks come in two sets.

“Frequency range 1 (FR1) is from 450 MHz to 6 GHz, which includes the LTE frequency range.

“Frequency range 2 (FR2) is from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz.

“Yes you heard me right. 5G towers can transmit 52.6 GHz which is equal to 55.3 percent of the ADS Department of Defense beam weapon that hurts but won’t kill humans.”

However, a far more convincing explanation for the phenomena is the raging California wildfires.

These have most likely forced the birds into an early migration this year before they had enough fat to survive.

The fake claims quickly attracted scores of critical comments online.

YouTube viewer Budiman Tedja Saputra wrote: “American’s military biological weapon laboratory has leaked again like the coronavirus case? Ha…ha..ha.”

And viewer Darin Reynolds appears similarly unimpressed, commenting: “Fires really this has been going for 25 years … who’s paying you to give false information?”

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