Scientists may have taken one step closer to finding aliens , after detecting 72 mysterious signals from deep space.

The signals, known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), were detected by an artificial intelligence system as part of the Breakthrough Listen Project.

The signals appear to originate from a region called FRB 121102, which lies 3 billion lightyears away from our planet.

However, scientists are unclear what the origin of the FRBs actually is.

Several theories have been put forward – including neutron stars, supermassive black holes, or even aliens.

To detect the FRBs, the researchers use an AI system to analyse previous data.

While most previous FRBs were detected on their own, the 72 FRBs in this study were detected within an hour.

According the the researchers, this suggests that the source ‘alternates between periods of quiescence and frenzied activity.’

Pete Worden, executive director of the Breakthrough Initiatives, said: “In this case, it was smart, original thinking applied to an existing dataset.

"It has advanced our knowledge of one of the most tantalizing mysteries in astronomy.”

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