Apple may launch the AirPower charging mat, AirPods 2 and iPad Mini 5

Apple could launch $200 AirPods with anti-slip grip coating this spring alongside a new iPad Mini and its long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat, report claims

  • Apple’s $200 AirPods 2 could be coming this spring with a new anti-slip coating
  • The firm is also expected to release the iPad Mini 5 and AirPower charging mat
  • Little has been said about the AirPower mat since it was first debuted in 2017
  • Apple is said to have fixed overheating issues with the AirPower’s charging coils 

Apple could have a slew of new hardware in the works for later this year.  

This spring, the iPhone maker is expected to launch a revamped pair of AirPods and a much-awaited successor for the iPad Mini 4, which hasn’t seen any updates since it was released four years ago. 

Additionally, in the coming months, Apple could finally make its AirPower wireless charging pad available, which has been largely missing in action since it was first debuted in 2017. 

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Apple is expected to launch a revamped pair of AirPods and a much-awaited successor for the iPad Mini 4, which hasn’t seen any updates since it was released four years ago

Apple’s second-generation AirPods are expected to look very similar to the original version, aside from a few small upgrades, MySmartPrice reported, citing a source familiar with the situation. 

Notably absent from AirPods 2 is improved battery life, as the second-generation headphones are expected to have the same longevity as the original version of five hours.

They’ll likely feature a non-slip grip coating to address consumers’ oft-repeated criticism that the headphones easily slide out of their hand because they’re made out of a smooth, plastic material. 

AirPods 2 are also expected to feature improved bass, advanced sensors for health monitoring and will come in both black and white. 

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These upgrades will cost users, however, with the second-generation AirPods expected to sell for $200, compared to their original price tag of $160, MySmartPrice noted.  

Along with the AirPods, Apple may also have a new iPad Mini up its sleeve. 

Apple hasn’t discussed AirPower publicly since it was first announced last September. Now, a new report from MySmartPrice says the company could release the AirPower later this spring


AirPower is based on the Qi charging standard, which powers wireless chargers for Android and iOS smartphones alike.

However, Apple claimed to have added a number of software features to improve the wireless charging experience when used with its iPhone and Watch products.

AirPower is expected to include a custom Apple chip that runs a stripped-down version of the iOS operating system to conduct on-device power management and pairing with devices that are placed on the charging mat. 

Speculation has been building for several months now that Apple will release a new version of the smallest iPad in its tablet lineup. 

A report from Mac Otakara claims that the iPad Mini 5 will retain the size and many of the specs in the iPad Mini 4, meaning it’ll keep its prominent bezels on the screen, as well as a Lightning cable port and a headphone jack. 

The iPad Mini 5 might be speedier than its predecessor, as the report says the device could be fitted with an A10 Fusion chip or an A10X Fusion chipset. 

Apple used the A10 Fusion chip in the iPhone 7, as well as the 2018 9.7-inch iPad.   

Another highly-anticipated product that could be on the way is Apple’s AirPower charging mat. 

Apple hasn’t discussed the product since it was first announced in September 2017.

Now, the company could finally release its wireless charging mat this spring, according to MySmartPrice.

It will feature a redesigned charging coil configuration, making the mat slightly thicker than before and, possibly, to prevent any overheating issues. 

Last September, a report suggested the AirPower was ‘doomed to failure’ because it has been plagued with overheating issues.

The report also claimed AirPower struggled to communicate with corresponding iOS devices, which means that it can’t accurately predict what the charge levels are for those items.

Apple has been rumored to be making the switch from Lightning cables (pictured) to USB-C chargers, but a new report suggests the firm may end up sticking with the Lightning port 

But that might not be the only major charging update to come out of Apple. 

A separate report from Mac Otakara said Apple could ultimately decide to stick with the Lightning port in its upcoming iPhones. 

Over the past few months, rumors have suggested that Apple will embrace USB-C chargers with its yet-to-be-released devices, which would mean consumers would have to dump all their old cables in favor of the new charging standard. 

Apple made the switch to USB-C with its latest iPad Pro, suggesting that this move could be likely. 

However, switching its iPhones to USB-C is a much bigger move than doing so with just the iPad, as it would have ‘ripple effects’ across its entire supply chain, Popular Mechanics noted.   


Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 will be fitted with three cameras and come with an all new aesthetic, according to leaked images. 

Images of the handset have been created in stunning 3D by YouTube site Concept Creator using existing leaked images. 

The device is not formally expected to be released until September 2019.  

Images from the leak show a completely different set-up which makes use of a three camera arrangement. 

Images from the leak show a completely different set-up making use of a three camera arrangement. The cameras are arranged in the rendering within a square on the top left corner on the phone’s rear

The cameras are arranged in the rendering within a square on the top left corner on the phone’s rear. 

Three cameras integrated into one would provide superior depth perception and image quality on pictures. 

No Apple device currently uses this method but the iPhone XS makes use of two cameras and the enhanced capabilities allow for more sophisticated augmented reality capabilities as well as superior portraits. 

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