Seeing the wonders of the universe in space is something most of us will never get to experience.

Flying high into space where you can see the Moon and the Earth is a dream for lots of people – but not for Frank Borman, an ex astronaut.

In a brutally honest interview with This American Life, the 90-year-old talks about how unaffected he was by this life-changing experience.

Being an astronaut wasn’t a dream for him, in fact he admits he was the "worst" person to go to the Moon.

He confessed he was only there because it was the Cold War and he wanted to "beat the damn Russians".

He said: "I wanted to participate in this American adventure of beating the Soviets. But that’s the only thing that motivated me."

Talking about the incredible feeling of weightlessness astronauts often comment on, he said: "[It was interesting for] maybe for the first 30 seconds. Then it became accepted".

He also described the moon as "devastation", "craters", "totally bleak", "dead" and "just different shades of grey".

The only part of the trip that moved him was seeing Earth from space which he describes as "the high point of the flight from an emotional standpoint".

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He said that when he got home after his excursion in to outer space it didn’t occur to him to tell his family what the moon look like.

He reckons he could have been one of the first to walk on the moon if he didn’t quit the job soon after his trip, when asked if he had wanted to he replied: "no, why?"

"It didn’t mean that much to me," he added.

"I love my family more than anything in the world and I wouldn’t subject them to [anything happening to him] for me to be an explorer".

His beloved wife Susan has Alzheimer’s and he now spends every day caring for her.

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