Flying over 400km above Earth, the International Space Station can feel like a long way from home.

But something that should help to ease the ISS astronauts’ homesickness is the absolute feast they have lined up for the Easter Weekend.

A private cargo ship has arrived at the ISS, carrying a range of delicious foods, as well as other equipment.

NASA has revealed that it packed pork chops with gravy, potatoes au gratin and lemon meringue for the astronauts to enjoy for their Easter Dinner.

While this does sound delicious, it’s important to remember that these foods likely arrived at the ISS in a dehydrated state, making them slightly less appetising.

Astronauts have to add water and heat most foods before they can enjoy them!

Aside from the Easter Dinner, the cargo ship also delivered a further 800 meals, as well as a number of science experiments, including 40 mice taking part in a tetanus vaccination study!

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