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A woman was left in tears at her wedding when her close friend outed her as a former bully. During a speech, the bridesmaid told the room that she was shocked they ended up being friends after being bullied at school by the bride.

Taking to Reddit, she said she had not always been a good person, and had previously bullied the woman who is now her close friends, reports The Mirror.

She wrote: “Maybe because I teased her, other people also started teasing her on her grades.

“She had confronted me privately about this and I did stop teasing her after that since I got embarrassed. The class probably thought that it was an old joke now and stopped too.”

However, when they left school the two of them went to nearby colleges and began talking and spending time with each other more as a result.

The author explained: “We saw each other at a reunion and we realized that our universities were near.

“Since then, we regularly hung out and became close friends.”

Because of this, the woman was asked to be a bridesmaid at the author’s wedding and the invitation was immediately accepted.

But it was during the speeches where their history began to come out to all the guests during the bridesmaid’s toast.

She said: “During the wedding toasts, she recounted the bullying she went through from me, saying I can’t believe we’re friends even though you bullied me all throughout high school.

“I don’t know if she was joking when she said that. I’ve made my best effort to make it up to her and apologized time and time again. She accepted my apology each time, even laughing it off that I was overthinking. I thought we had finally put the past behind us.”

However, after the toasts the bride’s sister and the maid of honour spoke to the bride worried as many had been commenting on the bride’s bullying back in school days.

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She added: “She said that she was just telling the truth. I replied that it was okay to talk about this, but at least on a different time and situation.

“She said I was invalidating her feelings because it was true that I bullied her. I ended up crying and she walked out.”

There followed rumours that the bridesmaid had been bullied into walking out of the event from some guests.

“My in-laws have also inquired about the matter too and have been quite cold to me even though I’ve already explained the matter,” she explained.

“I just don’t think that it was the right time and place given that our relationship is quite close and she never brought it up again in the 7 years we’ve been friends. “

Many have been quick to support the newlywed in saying that she has done what she can to remedy her past actions, as one said: “If she wanted to talk about it with you or your circle of friends she could have picked any time to do it since you attended university together.

“She probably picked your wedding day to exact revenge on you. She took one of the happiest days of your life and did what she could to ruin it.”

While another said: “She really became what she hated, what a horrid waste of time.”

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