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A community of self-proclaimed alien abductees have put together a list of tell-tale signs to confirm whether you've been abducted by aliens.

While that experience would surely be an unforgettable one, a common theory is that the abductees' minds are wiped to forever forget they ever came across extra-terrestrial life.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, provided some details on what psychological effects could an alien abduction have on a person.

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‘Ufologists who use these indicators have come to think that abductees are chosen rather than randomly snatched away. This is underlined by the fact that whole generations of families have been plagued or blessed by alien abduction experiences," Watson said.

"Hypnotic regression is often used to recall this information but sometimes this is not necessary and it is spontaneously recalled. The consequences for the abductee can be good or bad.

"Abductees might become born again Christians or become more spiritual and relaxed in general. On the bad side of the equation, they can take to drug, food and alcohol abuse. Their behaviour can become excessive and erratic.

"What triggers these events could be psychological in nature, although abductee researchers think that the sheer number of people who report such indications rules that out and points to a common ‘abductee experience’ that is caused by alien visitors."

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Among the list of signs to look out for, that was published on Humans are Free, we'll take a look at the five most bizarre indications of an alien abduction.

1. Marks on your body

Marks including the likes of laser cuts and scars on your wrists, ankles, and back is something to look out for.

2. Wanting to travel

A compulsion to walk or drive to a random location without any explanation.

3. Implants in your body

The discovery of small objects placed inside your body which are most likely found in your hip, ankle, foot, and nose.

4. Terminated pregnancy

After falling pregnant, a few months later, a miscarriage is suffered without any medical explanation or warning.

5. Cosmic awareness

Becoming socially aware in your life with a strong passion for the wellbeing of the environment and interest in ecology.

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