Self-styled astrologer, healer and consciousness coach Arik Xander has claimed he has used astrology to divine the surprising future of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Mr Xander examined the chart of the Coronavirus to reveal some discoveries that appear to contradict more scientifically sound coronavirus research.

The astrologer shared some of his findings on his Astrological Wellness blog.

Coronavirus was declared with a lot of planets in Capricorn

Arik Xander

He wrote: “Coronavirus was declared with a lot of planets in Capricorn!

“I see the collective south node, which represents our collective fate, is conjunct with Venus – an air planet of gas – in Capricorn which is the sign of suffering and material darkness.

Capricorn in the 11th astrological house of the collective which is furthering the syndication of fear (Capricorn) and the virus.”


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The astrology expert added Neptune, a planet relating to infection, is in the first house of the body, also indicating there are physical symptoms.

He wrote: “Chiron, and the black moon are in the second house of money, as is Uranus.

“What I really see is the disturbance with the collective economy and money.”

In addition, the North Node is in Cancer, considered to be a sign of healing and protection, also a sign that can be closed-off.

The US, a state in the star sign of Cancer has closed itself off from the rest of the world, with – he claims – is a sign of panic and the preparation for the “apocalypse”.

He said: “It’s interesting because we see the amount of attachment our collective has on survival and how that pattern turns into fight and flight which leads to violence and fear of running out of resources.

The astrologer proceeds to suggest how astrology can help with the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “We need to use the Moon in Aquarius to balance the nodes.


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“So that’s connecting more with people in our hearts and minds, not isolating ourselves and going into me first survival/panic/animal mode.

We can stay connected in our hearts and in our minds as that’s all we have left in these situations.

“The virus was spread through the power of the stellium in Capricorn, and Saturn wants us to repair the collective, especially the Earth element:

“This refers to the misuse of money and misuse of action in the world of the material.”

Then astrologer believes there has been too much materialism, comfort, and laziness requiring purification now through the Air element.

He added coronavirus exists in the Earth element and spread through the Air element.


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He said: “Truly, there has been too much attachment to material belongings that have released this chaos and we see it because the effects will be shake up the economy.”

This is because Uranus in the second – the same placement as the Great Depression.

The astrologer added: “We, as a collective, have been too lazy to change ourselves – we all know parts of ourselves we don’t want to change and people who don’t want to change.

“This reluctance to change, this stubbornness and being too attached to physicality and ignoring change altogether needs to be addressed.

“So let go of unhealthy attachments and know that the material world is not your source!

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