A couple who faked a marriage proposal to scam free drinks from big-hearted drinkers have finally got engaged for real.

Corinne Miller and Adam Carroll staged the phoney proposal in July, after they had been together for just one month.

Corinne and Adam, from Pratville, Alabama, were in Atlanta, Georgia celebrating Corinne’s birthday when they had the idea to score free drinks with the romantic ruse.

They got the bartender and one fellow bar-goer in on it and the cunning plan was set into motion.

As a result, they managed to score shots from several different strangers and even carried on to another bar where they managed to blag even more drinks as they were celebrating their 'engagement'.

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Now, six months down the line, Adam, 28, who works in sales, has finally popped the question for real in front of all of their family and friends.

Luckily for him Corinne, who is a photographer, said yes.

Corinne, 29, said: "We both have the exact same humour- that's one of the main components of our relationship.

"People started buying us shots and congratulating us- it was hilarious and definitely a great way to get free drinks.

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She added: "It has definitely been a whirlwind romance.

"We were best friends for eight years before we were a couple and that trip to Atlanta was actually one of the first trips we had been on together.

"I'm happy we did it – it definitely saved us some cash so Adam could get me a real engagement ring!”

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