Desperate leopard which mauled 15 during hunger rampage stopped in resident area

A desperate and hungry leopard which went on a rampage and mauled 15 people has finally been stopped.

Earlier this week, the Daily Star reported how the wild beast struck in the north eastern Indian state of Assam on Monday (December 26), attacking 10 residents at the Rain Forest Research Institute in Chenijan.

It also struck several forest personnel, all because it was starving for food.

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Ranjit Konwar, from the institute, told local media: “The leopard attacked two forest officers in the morning,

“The animal has become very aggressive, and we have laid traps inside the campus to capture it – efforts are on to track it.

“Some residents had a close shave as the leopard was roaming in their courtyards.”

It was thought that the animal had come to the campus from the nearby Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, where it roams freely.

One video of the rampaging beast showed it leaping over a high gate, crashing into a car before running away.

Among the others injured were two children and a woman, the Times of India reported.

Many of the injured were bitten and needed hospitalization, but they seem to be out of danger now.

But it has now been stopped – after being found breaking into a family home.

Local reports claim the animal had suffered a leg injury during its rampage and it was, at one point, spotted underneath a car on the campus.

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Officials lost track of it, and found it near a residential home on Tuesday (December 27).

It took two tranquillizer darts to subdue it, before being taken for medical examination.

A spokesman said: “We were keeping a constant vigil and monitoring the situation in our efforts to tranquillize the leopard.

“Finally, after unrelenting efforts, our team managed to spot the leopard and tranquillize it by injecting two shots, first in an open area, and then inside a residential quarter of the institute’s campus around 9.30 am today.

“We will take a decision regarding the leopard after the medical examination.”

No update has been given on those injured by the leopard.

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