A woman who lost her faithful dog was surprised to find a mysterious shape appear on her pet camera the very same day she died.

In the haunting footage, recorded on October 7 last year at 10.34pm, a cloud-like shape appears on-screen and zig-zags across the darkened living room.

The phantom-like object then darts skywards and disappears as quickly as it arrived.

Carol Libutti raised her English bulldog, Puka, from puppyhood and believes the ghostly object could be her spirit.

The strange footage was captured the same night poor Puka, 12 years old and in pain from health complications, was humanely put to sleep by a veterinarian.

Explaining what happened, Carol told Daily Star: "My English bulldog died that day. She was almost 13 years old.

"Puka helped me get through a battle with breast cancer.

"I'll never forget the day I was overwhelmed and crying – she jumped in my bed and cried with me!

"She was there through every step of my recovery.

She was my dearest friend – we were inseparable."

  • Mum convinced 'spirit of late nan' is with her after strange shape caught on camera

Carol said that even talking about losing her beloved dog now gave her an "ache in my heart and lump in my throat" and said how Puka declined in health and became "old and tired" and "in pain all the time".

She continued: "I came home from work that day to find her unable to stand.

"Called my children who made arrangements with the vet.

"I held her and cried while we waited."

Carol said the Nest security camera is set up in her living room and only gives an alert when activity is detected.

She recalled: "When I got up the next morning, the camera said activity was detected and showed the video.

"This was exceptionally strange because I was home and the camera shouldn’t have notified me.

"That was the last I’ve seen or heard from my Puka."

Carol said she is glad that other people who have suffered the heartache of losing a four-legged family member have felt comfort from viewing the footage.

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