The race to the White House is in full swing as the incumbent President Donald Trump battles uncertain poll figures and Democrat rival Joe Biden. On Thursday, poll aggregator ThirtyFiveEight showed an overall trend favouring Mr Biden, giving him a narrow lead in the majority of recent surveys. A YouGov poll published on October 20, for instance, shows President Trump trailing nine points behind his rival.

Another poll from Arizona and published by Ipsos on October 21 gives Mr Biden a lead of three points.

But all of this could still change in the final round of voting on November 3, as was the case in the 2016 election showdown which predicted Mr Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton.

And if one TV evangelist’s claims are to be believed, the election results may have already been predetermined by a higher power.

Televangelist Pat Robertson, 90, has announced this week a supposed message from God, backing President Trump for another term in office.

Mr Robertson broadcast his bizarre claims on Tuesday during the religious programme The 700 Club, saying President Trump will win “without question” and a series of events that will unfold immediately after could lead to the end of the world.

He went on to claim a period of violence will rock the US in the aftermath of the election, followed by five years of peace.

Even more bizarrely, he claimed a cataclysmic event, such as an asteroid strike, could then potentially end the world as we know it.

Mr Robertson, who founded the Christian Broadcasting Network, said: “I was praying on Sunday, saying, ‘God, please tell me how it’s going to happen,’ and I hope I’ve got the word.

I want to say, without question, Trump is going to win the election

Pat Robertson, The 700 Club

“But first of all, I want to say, without question, Trump is going to win the election.

“And that doesn’t mean you sit home and don’t vote, that means you get out and do everything you can to work but he’s going to win. That’s, I think, a given.”

After the chaos and turmoil of the election, which the preacher thinks will include a war in Israel and assassination attempts on President Trump, Mr Robertson claimed God will instigate a period of “great peace”.

But all of this will supposedly take a turn for the worse when a cataclysmic event strikes – a claim he has made on at least two occasions in the past.

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The preacher said: “What I think frankly is the only thing that will fulfil the word of Jesus… is some kind of asteroid strike on the globe.

“It’s sudden destruction. It’s not going to be some nuclear war.

“We’re not going to be allowed to blow this Earth up.”

However, none of the preacher’s outrageous claims measure up to what the polling figures suggest or what scientists have to say about our planet’s safety.

Firstly, President Trump is trailing behind in the polls, according to the latest predictions.

And there is no asteroid or comet, or any other danger from space that threatens our planet.

According to the US space agency NASA, there is no asteroid that could hit our planet in the next 100 years.

Mr Robertson is also no stranger to doomsday prophecies as he has claimed in the past the world would end in 1982, after which he revised his predictions and claimed the world would end in 2007.

However, these predictions have not come to pass.

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