Koala cools off in an air-conditioned car in Adelaide, Australia

An Australian man learned two valuable lessons while making a pitstop at a vineyard near Adelaide to check on fruit: never leave your car doors open and always be on the lookout for troublemaker koalas.

Tim Whitrow, a local winemaker, was shocked to discover a furry creature chilling inside his vehicle just minutes after he stepped outside with his dog.

He could see a shadow of the animal from a short distance. When he returned to the car to take a closer look, he was shocked to discover a "feisty" koala sitting upright in the backseat.


"When you leave your car doors open in a vineyard koalas jump into your car … we're going to go let him go," Whitrow explained in a minutes-long video clip he shared on social media.

He then relocated his car to a nearby shrubbery in an attempt to entice the wild marsupial to return to nature. But the task was more difficult than he first thought.

"I'm going to try to get the little guy out of my car, but he just does not want to come out," Whitrow is overheard explaining in the footage. "Come on, mate. Can I get you to come out of my car, please?"


The koala is seen staring back at Whitrow, refusing to accept his offer to have some water. At one point, the koala swatted at the man's arm as he tried to guide him out of the vehicle.

"I really need you to get out of my car," Whitrow instructs as the koala moves to the front seat.

He then climbed onto the man's dashboard, allowing the cool air to hit his fur.

"You're making this really tough," Whitrow comments, noting that the koala is "very strong" and destroying his dash.

As soon as the creature loosens his grip, Whitrow pulls him down and he took off, running into the shrubs.

"It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out," Whitrow admitted in a Facebook post, which has since garnered more than 5,400 shares, adding that the koala was "enjoying the AC."

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