Nazi crackpot Adolf Hitler had bovine testosterone injections to improve his sex life and got off on whipping his prized Alsatian in front of women.

And the famous World War Two song 'Hitler has only got one ball' is also based in fact as the dark secrets of the crazed dictator's deformed genitals are revealed.

The despot is said to have suffered from a disease that causes small penises – as well as 'undescended testicle' which was documented in his army days.

Historian Emma Craigie – author of Hitler's Last Day: Minute by Minute – told History Hit podcast: "It seems likely that Hitler had genital abnormalities. Historians have been through medical records and tried to make sense of them.

"Our source was a historian who spoke to a lot of people who knew Eva Braun.

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"People have wondered what their sexual relationship was like and even what his sexuality was. There has also been a lot of discussion about his sexual organs, especially because of that World War Two song which may have been quite accurate."

Craigie also claims Hitler and his mistress used medication to support their sex life with Austrian having injections of bovine testosterone – said be be 'old-fashioned viagra' – to boost his sexual prowess.

Long-time mistress Braun also suppressed her periods when they were together – suggesting the pair were sexually active and he wasn't 'asexual' as previously claimed.

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Hitler married his long-term mistress Braun in the bunker after a 14-year affair to 'reward her for her loyalty' although no one knew about their relationship until after the war.

Hitler and Braun sleep separately but have adjoining bedrooms – with Nazi leader 'sleeping in a narrow single bed'.

It's thought that Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias – a congenital condition in men where the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis.

The condition has been linked to sufferers having such a small penis it's unclear at birth which sex they are.

His personal doctor Theodor Morell, a qualified urologist, also believed to have have made notes on Hitler’s condition.

Hitler also suffered from an undescended testicle – which gave credence to the famous old World War Two drinking song.

This could explain why Hitler was determined his body should be burnt so it was not put on display after his death – like Mussolini who was strung upside down in a Milan square.

And Craigie said this condition could have led to strange relationships with the opposite sex.

"Hitler's relationships with women were really troubling," she added.

"He certainly was drawn to women much younger than himself. And all the women he was with romantically either attempted suicide – as Eva Braun did on a number of occasions – or succeeded.

"There was a women who survived him whom he befriended when he was in his 30s and she was 16. She tells very strange stories of him taking her into the woods and making her stand next to her tree as he just stares at her.

"They both had Alsatian dogs and he horse-whipped his, called Prince, in front of her to impress her.

"She also attempted suicide."

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