Huawei planning to launch an improved version of its $2,400 the Mate X folding phone with faster processor and stronger screen just two months after initial release

  • Huawei’s folding Mate X will get an improved version in early 2020
  • The company says it will have a stronger screen, hinge, and faster processor 
  • The Mate X will also get an European release next year 

Huawei is already planning to release an upgraded version of its premium folding phone, the Mate X just a couple months after its release.

According to Richard Yu, Huawei’s leader of consumer business who spoke to Frandroid, a french site that covers mobile phones, the Chinese tech giant plans to release a modified version of the Mate X in early 2020.

The next iteration will reportedly come with an improved hinge, stronger screen and a faster processor.

Hopeful customers in Europe also got some good news as the company is reportedly planning to bring the folding phone to market there in 2020. 

Huawei will launch an improved version of the Mate X in early 2020 according to a recent report

The company began shipping its Mate X in China on November 15 and told The Verge that it is was in the process of outlining plans for an international release at the time. 

Huawei’s Mate X is among the first phones to pioneer a new breed of folding device and comes with a collapsible screen that can be used in two configurations.

When open, the display spans 8 inches and appears closer to a tablet. While closed, the phone folds onto itself for a more traditional-looking 6.6-inch display.

The biggest question for the Mate X will be durability since the phone’s screen wraps around its hinge on the exterior instead of folding inside. 

This means the phone’s display is constantly exposed and could lead to problems similar to those faced by its direct competitor, the Galaxy Fold. 

Samsung’s Fold, which retails for $1,980, went on sale this Fall after myriad problems with the display that plagued initial test by reviewers.

Among the issues were dust and particles finding their way underneath the display and causing bumps and blemished in addition to interfering with the hinge mechanism.  

The Mate X will look to avoid the flaws documented via Samsung’s select release of the Galaxy Fold

Another issue caused some reviewers to mistake the screen for a screen protector and attempt to peel it off of the device, a mistake the irreparably damage the screen. 

The Mate X, also had a few hiccups that delayed its release in June and again in August, though it’s unclear exactly what was causing the postponement.  

At the same time, Huawei has struggled with an ongoing trade dispute between the US and China that has seen the company essentially blacklisted by the US government.

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