A conspiracy theorist has claimed he found Doors frontman Jim Morrison alive and riding a bicycle down the road in a city in New York, US.

In a bizarre video of the encounter, the Youtube user explains that he had been waiting in traffic at a red light in Broadway Hill, Schenectady, when he “spotted Jim riding a bicycle”.

They added that, when they spotted the Morrison-lookalike on September 16, they beeped their horn at him and he waved back.

In the strange clip, an old man in a plaid shirt can be seen peeling towards the car on a bicycle fitted with a basket.

The bearded bloke, who also has a long mane of grey hair, lifts up his arm and waves cheerily on his way past.

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The Youtuber says they plan to “catch him one day for an interview” now that they know the area where the man lives.

Jim Morrison, who suffered from alcohol addiction, died unexpectedly at the age of 27 in Paris.

However, as no autopsy was performed, conspiracy theories have emerged over the years that the psychedelic rocker is actually still alive and well.

Morrison was born on December 8, 1943, which would make him 76 years old if he was still kicking today.

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Commenting on the video, a believer said: “So right on Jim Morrison is still alive and well how cool is that!!”

Posting a comment with a heart emoji, another fan said: “I was worrying about him…… So happy to see him big hello from me to Jim.”

Jim Morrison is not the only musical superstar who has a conspiracy theory surrounding his death.

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