‘Nothing is prettier than Jupiter,’ wrote the pop star but then quickly changed her mind when she came across a photo of Neptune.

Jupiter and Neptune are truly remarkable. The iconic images from NASA’s Juno and Voyager 2 missions have certainly proven it by capturing the great gas giants in all their respective splendor. Ariana Grande has noticed it too, Space.com reports, revealing that the pop star took to Twitter on May 5 to profess her admiration for the two planets.

While NASA was looking to Mars as the historic InSight mission had just launched earlier that day, the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer spent her Saturday glancing over footage of Jupiter and Neptune.

Grande was particularly impressed by a breathtaking photo of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno mission, which she didn’t hesitate to post on Twitter.

Indeed, the Juno spacecraft has sent back spectacular footage of Jupiter. Aside from the awe-inspiring solar storms captured earlier this year while the Juno probe performed a flyby of the planet’s north pole, the spacecraft also revealed stunning snapshots of Jupiter’s blue clouds, which seem straight out of a Van Gogh painting.

Equally riveting was the video of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which NASA compiled last year from Juno images taken on the probe’s July flyby.

Grande agrees.

“Nothing is prettier than Jupiter,” the singer wrote on Twitter a few minutes after posting the spectacular Jupiter photo.

However, Jupiter’s rule among Grande’s favorites was short-lived, as it didn’t take the singer too long to come across something even more fascinating. Less than an hour and a half later, the pop star posted an update that instated Neptune as her new favorite.

“I’ll keep you posted but for now that’s that on that,” Grande tweeted right after the posted the Neptune photo that settled the score.

According to Space.com, the photo she chose to tweet was captured by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft during its first-ever flyby on August 25, 1989.

Aside from Neptune’s tranquil majesty, the Voyager 2 mission also captured two giant dark storms brewing on the planet’s surface. A more recent Neptunian storm was detected by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 2015, but this giant storm is now slowly dying, the Inquisitr reported last year.

NASA caught wind of the beauty contest to which the acclaimed celebrity had subjected our venerable planets and came up with a reply meant to spare Jupiter’s feelings.

Apparently, Grande heeded NASA’s suggestion, since she tweeted back an “omg,” perhaps to signify that she uncovered even more exciting things on the space agency’s website.

To the delight of her Twitter followers, NASA responded with a clever pun to infuse a little humor into the impromptu astronomy lesson.

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