A real-life ghostbuster says his haunted house tours are so scary people flee in terror.

Colin Symonds organises monthly sessions all over the UK and often consoles frightened guests.

His trips are popular with people who want to contact the spirit world – but some get more than they bargained for.

Paranormal investigator Colin, 56, told the Daily Star Sunday: “When people have an experience with a spirit, it can be frightening for them.

“Some get feelings of dread and won’t go near a particular area, some people freak out because they’re hyped up and some end up in tears because they feel so much emotion, which is an indicator there is a spirit with them.

“I’ve had to take people out many times. When someone feels their clothes being tugged or they’re being touched, it can freak them out.

“I’ve had people say, ‘I can’t do any more’. But I try to tell people to grab it with both hands. You should be honoured someone is interacting with you.

“People have nothing to worry about. The dead aren’t going to harm you.”

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Colin has been investigating spirits for 11 years and claims to have had many experiences where he has connected with them.

Your fearless Daily Star Sunday joined Colin and his fellow investigator Karin Beasant, 56, at a ghost hunt at haunted hotel The Jamaica Inn on eerie Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. During the late-night session, we used specialist equipment including an amplifier to make sure we didn’t miss any spirit sounds.

We also had devices that can detect an electro-magnetic field.

Colin said: “These devices make noise if a spirit comes into contact with the aerial.”

Spirits we met included a landlady Elizabeth who switched off the lights.

There was also a drinker called Jack who has a foot fetish, loves rum and has a thing for feisty women.

Colin said: “He is lovingly known as Jack. But he could be Bill for all we know.”

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Those with nerves of steel can stay overnight at The Jamaica Inn in the hope of getting a ghostly visit.

Colin said: “Over the years, people have heard babies crying, scratching sounds, sudden cold spots and apparitions.

“So many different guests have reported things. There was a soldier who woke up to find children’s footprints in his room.”

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