Mystery object seen in Manchester sky has people saying ‘what the f*** is it?’

People who live in and around the Greater Manchester area have been left baffled by a mysterious object in the sky.

Dozens of residents took to social media to share pictures and videos of the peculiar sighting.

Some asked ‘what the f**k is it’ while others speculated what the object may be – with a UFO, plane or rocket among the most popular theories.

Pictures showed the strange device with a thick orange plume underneath it.

While a video, sent to the Manchester Evening News showed it travelling across the sky at some speed.

The suspected aircraft has been spotted in Didsbury and Wythenshawe in South Manchester, as well as Ashton-under-Lyne in Tameside.

One bemused resident posted on her local Facebook page asking: "Did anyone else see this over East Didsbury about 45 minutes ago?

"Was it the sun catching a vapour trail of a plane?" Another wrote on a Wythenshawe community group: "Did anyone else see this? It's not a plane. Looks like a rocket but what is it all about?"

One woman in Ashton-Under-Lyne said she noticed the bizarre object outside her house at around 6.30 pm this evening.

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The region has been blessed with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures all day, leaving a beautiful sunset this evening. Some have speculated about whether the sun has anything to do with it.

Others have questioned whether it may have in fact been the International Space Station, which can appear like an aeroplane or a very bright star moving across the sky.

It comes after UFO expert claims to have spotted 200m 'giant green aliens' floating past the ISS.

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Scott Waring who runs the site said he copped the mysterious mass while watching the craft’s live stream.

We also reported how NASA's Hubble Space Telescope catches creepy 'eye' staring 48m light-years across space.

And UFO believers claimed that a huge ‘alien pyramid’ has been discovered on the surface of Mars, built with AI technology.

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