The NASA astronaut took the photos while flying some 250 miles above the planet’s surface. Dr Meir, who currently lives and works on the International Space Station (ISS), shared the pictures with her more than 169,400 Twitter followers.

The astronaut tweeted from space: “Caught a breathtaking view of the Thai coastline with the lights of squid fishing boats peppering the waters of the Gulf of #Thailand today.

“Goodnight #Bangkok! #GoodnightFromSpace”

The photos were taken in the planet’s nightside, which the ISS passes through 16 times a day.

You can just make out in the first photo the Thai coastline, with Bangkok’s bright lights in the upper hand of the picture.


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The lower half of the image features tens of dozens of white and green lights – fishermen out in the Thai waters.

A second image shared by the astronaut features a closer look at Bangkok.

You can see the city’s bright lights and individual streets like an illuminated spiderweb of sorts.

The astronaut’s pictures were met with praise on Twitter and many social media users invited Dr Meir to visit Thailand in person.

Frank Shonberg said: “Almost looks like galaxy photos from Hubble.”

Another Twitter user said: “They’re so bright you can see them from space. That’s crazy.”

Caught a breathtaking view of the Thai coastline with the lights of squid fishing boats

Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut

Brett Dold said: “Awesome!!! So wish I could just fly straight to it up close!! great pics!”

And another user said: “You are the type of woman who inspires me.”

Dr Meir is one of the six astronauts currently working on the ISS.

She is joined by NASA colleagues Christina Koch and Andrew “Drew” Morgan.

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The remaining astronauts are Russia’s Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka, as well as ISS Commander Luca Parmitano from Italy.

Last week, Dr Meir concluded a series of spacewalks with Mrs Koch to replace and upgrade the space station’s batteries.

To mark the occasion, she shared on Twitter the stunning “space selfies” she took while in the vacuum of space.

Then on Tuesday, she shared a breathtaking photo of the Gulf of California, or as it is sometimes known, the Sea of Cortez.

The image looks more like a watercolour painting than a photograph taken with a digital camera.

Dr Meir tweeted: “The #SeaOfCortez conjures thoughts of #Steinbeck & Ricketts, abundant marine life and #Baja #surf and whale watching adventures.

“Photo (#Mexico; Isla Tiburon) is upside down (North=bottom), but I think it’s prettier that way – and there’s no upside down in space. #EarthArt”

Dr Meir is stationed on the orbital laboratory as part of ISS Expedition 61 and Expedition 62.

The astronaut is due to return to Earth later this year in the spring.

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