Popular forum used by hackers to share stolen information gets hacked

Poetic justice? Popular forum used by cyber-attackers to share stolen information gets HACKED, leaving users scrambling to change their logins

  • A popular hackers forum has been hacked, exposing thousands of criminals’ info 
  • The aftermath has left many hackers scrambling to protect themselves
  • OGusers is a popular forum for SIM swappers and social media account hackers 
  • Hackers’ info could be used to help law enforcement crack down on criminals 

A recent attack on a forum dedicated to helping criminals steal people’s personal information and identities proves that even hackers can get hacked.

According to a report from KrebsOnSecurity, the forum OGusers, which is frequented by cyber-criminals who specialize in stealing user accounts and phone numbers, has been hacked by a rival group who revealed the email addresses, passwords, and even private messages of almost 113,000 users.

In a statement from rival community, RaidForums, which also caters to hackers of social media accounts and phone numbers, an administrator revealed that a sudden erasure of private messages on OGusers was caused by a malicious attack on the site, not by hard drive failure like the site’s proprietors had reported.

The hackers have been hacked, revealing more than 100,000 potential criminals’ private data, including email addresses, passwords, and more

‘On the 12th of May 2019 the forum ogusers.com was breached [and] 112,988 users were affected,’ reads a message from RaidForums administrator, Omnipotent. 

‘I have uploaded the data from this database breach along with their website source files. Their hashing algorithm was the default salted MD5 which surprised me. 

‘Anyway, the website owner has acknowledged data corruption but not a breach so I guess I’m the first to tell you the truth. 

‘According to his statement he didn’t have any recent backups so I guess I will provide one on this thread, lmfao.’ 

KrebsOnSecurity reports that the revelation has caused chaos within the community as users report receiving phishing emails and voice concern that the exposure of their information could lead to unwanted attention from law enforcement. 

Following the hack OGusers reportedly changed the forum’s rules preventing many from deleting their accounts completely leaving the site. 

Communities like those involved in the skirmish are notorious for hacking victims’ personal information to take over their social media accounts, email, or other personal information and then trading access to those accounts for a price. 

In the case of social media accounts, a particular desirable handle — simple accounts like @T or one-word accounts are often targeted — hackers are sometimes able to trade access social media accounts thousands of dollars.

SIM card’s are a frequent target of this particular group of hackers schemes. By gaining access to a victims SIM card they can take over social media accounts, email accounts, and more.

As detailed in an report from Vice last year, one woman with the Twitter handle @Rainbow was threatened by a group of hackers who demanded that she give up access to the account. 

‘We’re going to destroy your credit,’ the hackers reportedly told the account holder according to Vice.

‘What would happen if we hurt them? What would happen if we destroyed their credit and then we left them a message saying it was because of you?’ 

Many times, through a scam called SIM swapping, hackers are able to commandeer victims’ phone number by scamming carriers over the phone into sending them a SIM cards by posting as a victim over the phone.

By using the data leaked through the hack, law enforcement officials will likely be able to track down criminals with accounts on OGusers, many of whom claim to be known SIM swappers. 


Because hackers are becoming more creative, security experts are warning that consumers need to take all possible measures to protect their identities (file photo)

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