The bot that rocks the cradle! Robotic smart crib will automatically coax crying babies back to sleep without parents needing to wake up in the middle of the night

  • A San Francisco tech firm will release a new smart crib in September
  • It will automatically detect when a baby wakes or cries in the night
  • The crib will rock the baby back to sleep and use AI to build a sleep profile of it 

A tech company in San Francisco has developed a new smart crib to help keep babies asleep throughout the night without parents needing to constantly get up and check on them.

Described as a baby’s ‘sleep guardian,’ the Cradlewise crib comes equipped with motion sensors and microphones to detect when a baby is astir or has begun crying in the middle of the night.

The crib’s AI programming will kick into motion and begin rocking the mattress to coax the baby back to sleep again without needing to rouse its parents.

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Cradlewise is a new smart crib from a San Francisco tech company that’s designed to automatically begin rocking when motion sensors or a microphone detect signs the baby is awake

Over time, Cradlewise says the crib’s AI will build a profile of the baby’s particular sleep habits and begin varying its rocking motions throughout the night in anticipation of periods when it might otherwise have woken. 

Parents will also be able to control the crib through a smartphone app that will also offer a live video feed of the baby at all times when it’s in the crib.

The app will also create logs of the baby’s movements and reactions throughout the night, which parents can later review in the mornings.

The crib includes a white noise maker with options for waterfall or ocean wave sounds, and parents can also add custom playlists of songs to which they think their babies will enjoy falling asleep or waking.

According to Cradlewise, the rocker mechanism is noiseless so parents who wish to keep the crib in the bedroom where they sleep won’t have to hear loud mechanical noises throughout the night.

The cradle will feature an adjustable height mattress to keep babies safe as the grow, made from coconut fibers and latex rather than foam

The cradle can be controlled by a smartphone app that will give access to a built-in video monitor to check in on babies remotely

The app will also generate sleep profiles for each baby based on its movements throughout the night, and parents can track logs of their baby’s behavior each night to see how frequently or infrequently they woke

The crib mattress is made from coconut fibers and latex rather than foam, and it can be raised or lowered to help prevent babies from falling out as the grow.

The smartphone app also includes a training mode for parents to help them transition from co-sleeping with their babies in the same bed but don’t want to be completely hands off during the night.

According to Cradlewise’s website, the crib will be released in September, and will sell for an MSRP of $1,499, though the company is offering a temporary sale price of $999 for the initial launch.

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