An SAS hero has shared his best advice when being hunted in what might just be the most terrifying game of 'hide and seek'.

Former SAS operator and star of Channel 4's Who Dares Wins, Jay Morton has shared his expertise for anyone brave enough to head to a Halloween experience like no other.

Horror mazes have once again popped up across the country with more creative ideas than ever, not least at Thorpe Park where its Fright Nights Death's Doors experience gives trick or treating a whole new (terrifying) meaning.

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It is The Kraken Rum, however, that has made the even more playful kids game of ‘hide and seek' into 20 minutes of terror, so chilling that attendees must sign a waiver to play.

Jay, who played life and death games of hide and seek for a living before becoming a household name on the TV show SAS: Who Dare Wins, has helped create Welcome to Screamfest VI: Here We Come.

Hiders will need to cram inside claustrophobic lockers, contort into antique trunks, slide under dirty beds and do their best to remain silent while they lie in a pool of unidentified gore inside the dilapidated bathtub they’re taking refuge in.

All the while a grotesque group of masked seekers will relentlessly hunt them down. Anyone who is caught will be dragged to a cage and locked away until the game is over.

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Jay Morton advises: "When moving through a room, you have to be able to read it quickly. Identify any doors, treat open doors as a threat and deal accordingly.

"Quickly identify if there are any black spots in the room where someone could be hiding or waiting to ambush. Stick to walls, don’t get drawn into the room as this can cause confusion.

"Use what’s already there. Blend into what’s already room. Everything should look natural and not out of place.
Get into the mind of the person looking for you. Where would you look if you walked into this room? Where would be the most obvious place to hide? What is your attention drawn to? You can use this information to calculate your hiding spot."

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He continued: "Stay flexible. Don’t always feel like you have to stay in one location. If the chance arises and you spot somewhere better, then move."

The Kraken Rum’s Screamfest VI: Here We Come experience will take place across three nights at The Ditch, Shoreditch Town Hall, in the lead up to Halloween on the 27-29th of October from 7pm to 11pm.

Tickets, priced at £10 (including a welcome drink and a cocktail token), can be booked here.


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