With Christmas just a month away now, your diary is likely filling up with festive events – many of which are bound to be pretty boozy .

While these festive events are great fun at the time, the morning after isn’t so pleasant, with the inevitable hangover lingering over you.

On a hungover morning, you may find yourself craving a carb-filled breakfast , whether it’s a bacon roll or a McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Dr Petra Simic, Clinical Director at Bupa Health Services , has revealed why this is, and what foods you should steer towards to help cure the hangover.

She said: “Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration which can make us feel fatigued with poor concentration and can even cause nausea and dizziness.

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“On top of this, a study has shown that even though alcohol tends to be calorie heavy, it also causes a phenomenon that causes your brain to feel like it needs more food.

“For the alcohol-influenced mind, junk food provides the perfect solution: salty, stodgy food to make us feel full.”

However, while you might crave a McDonald’s when you’re hungover, Dr Simic advises you against this.

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She added: “Ideally, you should have a nourishing breakfast that helps to replenish the minerals you’ve lost through drinking.

“Fruits like bananas and kiwis are full of potassium and natural sugars that can help to get you back on track.”

Aside from a healthy breakfast, Dr Simic also provided several other tips for beating the hangover.

She said: “When it comes to the morning itself, you might be feeling sluggish, shaky, nauseous and dehydrated.

“If you’re thinking that ‘hair of the dog’ is your best bet for recovery, think again, drinking when you’re hungover doesn’t help.Your dehydrated body will prefer water and fruit juices instead.

“Another common myth is that you’re best to sweat out a hangover. When you’re dehydrated, the last thing your body needs is to lose more fluids, so ditch the gym or run and rest up until you’re feeling better.”

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