Rockstar’s much-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out, but not for everyone. The game released last Friday for XBox One and PS4 users, but there is hope: secret code hidden in a mobile app.

Code embedded deep into the mobile companion app that Rockstar released for their new banner game Red Dead Redemption 2 has the PC world buzzing. Though the game was released only on XBox One and PS4, this code suggests that PC users may soon be traveling the dusty trails as well, according to Techcrunch.

The mobile companion app actually allows users to extend their on-screen game interface to a tablet or phone. But there’s some code in that app that suggests Rockstar is working on bringing a PC version of the game to the gaming community.

The first Red Dead Redemption didn’t make it to PC, so computer users weren’t surprised to find that the sequel is available on consoles only. Now, however, it looks as though Rockstar is planning to break with this tradition and bring the game to even more users.

It’s also not the first time that Rockstar has released a console-only game that ends up making its way to PC. Grand Theft Auto 5 (styled as GTA V) was available only on consoles at its release in September 2013. By April 2015, there was a Windows version of the game.

And while the hidden coding is promising, PC users shouldn’t get ready to order RDR2 just yet. These codes could be left over from Rockstar testing phases, and may be meaningless now.

Rockstar also hasn’t made any announcements about RDR2 on PC, Express points out.

RDR2 is set in 1899, and follows the adventures of outlaw Arthur Morgan. The highly-touted and much-anticipated game enjoyed a huge launch on Friday, and is getting largely positive feedback from gamers.

Motherboard calls RDR2 “one of the biggest games of the year.” Fans of Rockstar games have been waiting a long time for the release.

It’s the first game Rockstar has put out since 2013’s GTA V, and fans of the franchise will be waiting a while for Grand Theft Auto 6. In a recent interview, Rockstar’s co-founder said he doesn’t know how to make GTA 6 in the Trump era, as reported by Inquisitr.

So fans of Rockstar have to make themselves content with RDR2, and so far they are. The game has been praised for its incredible realism, something that’s not often found in video games, and the game world itself is beautiful. The map is one of the biggest Rockstar has ever created, there are random events everywhere and players have a completely customized experience. The game changes based on decisions made, and NPCs react differently to players based on how they’ve behaved.

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