Shaquille O’Neal has told an outrageous story about Stevie Wonder which seems to suggest the blind musician can actually see.

The retired NBA legend was recounting a story about when he bumped into the Superstition singer during an appearance on Inside the NBA.

Joking with the rest of the panel – Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson – O’Neal claimed he had a "true story" about Wonder.

Describing his home, where the encounter took place, O’Neal said: “We live in a building on Wilshire Boulevard, you park your car and the valet's down there.

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“I’m already in the building and coming through the lobby. "

At this point, O’Neal said he was getting the lift up to his floor.

"Door opens and it’s Stevie Wonder," he said. “He comes in, says ‘what’s up Shaq?’

"Presses the button – it’s a true story – presses the button, gets off on his floor by himself, goes to his room.

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“He got on the elevator was like ‘what’s up Shaq, how you doing Big Dog?’ Got out and gone. Yes, he did,” O'Neil said.

However, it doesn't seem the panellists believe O’Neal either as they chuckle throughout the tale.

Fans have suggested O’Neal himself was joking all along, while others pointed out that blind people often have their other senses heightened.

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"Maybe he is just legally blind and not totally blind?" someone suggested on Twitter.

Wonder has even joked about his blindness himself, claiming it had its advantages during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2015.

“You can act like you don’t see nothing when you really do,” he said.

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Stevie Wonder was born premature and suffered from retinal detachment when he was placed in an incubator that contained too much oxygen.

The blood vessels in the back of his eyes stopped growing and he became blind while still a baby.

This didn't stop him from becoming a child prodigy, teaching himself how to sing and play the drums and piano.

By the time he was 12, the precocious Stevie Wonder was signed to a record label.

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