Sony patents new motion sensing controller with sensors that track individual finger movement, hinting at plans for a ‘next generation’ version of its PlayStation VR headset

  • A patent filed in Japan reveals a new motion-sensing VR controller from Sony
  • The controller has a small strip of sensors on the rear that could be used to detect individual finger movement and position
  • The controllers also has a fixed sidestrap to keep the controller in hand even if players release their grip

This month, Sony filed a new patent for a virtual reality game controller that will support motion controls and have sensors that can automatically detect the player’s finger position when they grip it.

The patent doesn’t indicate what game console or device it’s intended to work with, but says only that it will work with a ‘home-use game machine’ that ‘detects movement of a user’s hand.’

The large candy bar-shaped device will have a thin strip on the back that will be used to detect exact finger position.

A patent filed in Japan shows a possible new design for Sony’s next VR motion controller, with a sensor strip that tracks individual finger movement and position

The patent, which was published in Japanese and roughly translated by Google, says the sensors will not just detect finger position but the ‘bending and stretching of each finger,’ suggesting it might let game designers use specific finger movements as a way to control a game.

The front of the controller has a traditional joystick surrounded by four face buttons, according to a report on Upload VR.

The rear of the controller has a large trigger button.

Instead of a conventional wrist strap, the patented controller appears to feature a safety strap that’s fixed to the side and is meant for one’s fingers to be slid through up to the knuckles.

Unlike a traditional wrist strap, this would make it possible to release one’s grip on the controller without actually dropping it, supporting the idea that players are meant to use individual finger movements as a regular part of gameplay.

The controller appears to have a conventional joystick on the front and a side-mounted strap to keep the controller fixed in place even if players release their grip

The patent says the finger sensors could either use infrared or electrostatic detection, indicating they haven’t yet finalized plans for the design 

Rumors that Sony would release a ‘next generation’ version of its PlayStation VR headset alongside the upcoming release of PlayStation 5 this fall

The patent says the finger tracking could use either electrostatic sensors or infrared sensors, indicating there are still a number of design choices that haven’t been finalized.

The new patent supports rumors that Sony will release a version of its PlayStation VR headset alongside, or potentially after, it releases the PlayStation 5 this fall.

At CES, Sony revealed the logo for the PlayStation 5, but the company has yet to fully unveil the console’s features, launch games, or price point.


The PlayStation 5 is the next version of Sony’s popular home games console. 

It will feature a custom-built 8-core AMD processor.

The console will also use a graphics processor from AMD’s new Navi line.

Sony says the console will come with solid-state hard drive and be able to play older PlayStation 4 games.

It will also be compatible with current PlayStation VR games and headsets. 

The console will output 3D audio and work with 8K televisions. 

Sony has yet to specify a price or release date but promises PlayStation 5 will be released for Holiday 2020. 


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