A video of a possible UFO flying over a farm in Texas has sparked a fierce discussion among conspiracy theorists.

In the clip, recorded by a witness from inside his home in the US, a bright object shimmers against the backdrop of a story sky.

The object weaves around the sky fairly quickly in the two-minute footage, but never leaves the general area until it abruptly vanishes.

Obviously excited, the man filming gives a running commentary.

"Aliens, we got them. Freaking aliens, man," he says.

The man adds that the sighting is "certified" as he re-focuses his camera on the spot where the bright object is still whirring.

"It’s moving way faster than any possible man-made object," he says.

The video was uploaded on a UFO Reddit forum by user u/scuds03 where it has since been up-voted more than 1,000 times.

Many people agreed that the footage was probably a UFO and commented that the witness was "lucky".

One fan wrote: "Definitely a cool video. Thanks for taking the time to record and post it for the community."

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"It's awesome to be able to capture video of a UFO," said another.

More cynical viewers took the view the object was a kite or even a plastic bag floating in the wind.

"I'm pretty sure this is a kite," wrote one.

Someone else said: "I agree with you 100%. The fact that it just swings around within the same narrowly defined area in an arc that can be defined by a single tether indicates that it is indeed a kite."

"100% a kite," concurred a third viewer.

Another viewer wrote: "There is a storm, anything can be picked up and be trapped in a dancing pocket of air I suppose.

"Even a balloon or a plastic bag."

This comes after an "orange UFO" was spotted "changing shapes" as it hovered in the night sky while being filmed by a witness in Canada.

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