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A bizarre video claiming to show a "tic tac-shaped UFO " moving slowly near the top-secret military base Area 51 has sent alien enthusiasts into meltdown.

A driver travelling on Highway 62 close to Palm Springs in California, US, witnessed the white disc and claimed it measured about 70 feet long.

In the clip, a flat white object is seen floating mid-air above the highway. It appears to be moving along the Mount San Jacinto towards the space where the wind mills are.

The driver, who went on the route regularly due to work purpose, said: "I’ve seen clouds around the mountains very often but never like this."

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, who is known for his outlandish claims, said on his blog UFO Sightings Daily that the so-called sighting happened near Area 51 might due to the proximity to the wind farms.

He wrote: "This is an interesting video of a white tic tac shaped UFO.

"The UFO was seen as a person was heading to work along Highway 62 near Palm Springs. The wind farm is located in Palm Spring outskirts.

"The eyewitness at first believes it to be a cloud and then soon realised it was probably a UFO."

Waring made more bizarre claims, adding: "UFOs do have a high interest in human technology and wind farms are the newest in free energy harvesting to make a cleaner planet.

"UFOs have been seen before around wind farms and one even crashed into a windmill many years back.

"This white tic tac…that's an alien craft caught very close to Area 51, Nellis AFB and the famous Extraterrestrial Highway. A UFO hotspot."

Viewers were convinced and said the UFO did not look like any military crafts.

One wrote: "They [The military] never would have flown that route anyway. It's obviously a real craft that was there at that time."

Another added: "Looks like a real deal, a tic tac type craft of intelligent abilities there."

But some pointed out that there were no shadows cast on the mountains, while others said it could be a parachute.

"It’s clearly a parachute or even a large tarp," one commented. "Watch the very end it collapsed on its self like cloth."

A second claimed: "Fake, it doesn't cast a shadow."

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