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A TikTok user claims to have travelled six years into the future where all humans are extinct.

Javier has told his followers that he jumped into 2027 where no humans are around but buildings, cars and utilities remain in their place, unused.

The social media user, who goes by the username @unicosobreviviente (which translates to ‘only survivor’), posted his first video on February 13, 2021.

He claimed he was in the year 2027 and walks through an empty street, before the recording cuts to an empty clothing store.

Although the shop in the Spanish city of Valencia is stacked full of items, there are no humans around.

Since his initial post, he has regularly shared videos with his 1.2million followers.

Each clip is completely devoid of human activity, with no other souls seen around.

However, necessities such as electricity and internet connection seem to still be available for the time traveller to be able to upload the videos.

It's not the first time someone has claimed to have travelled through time on the app.

Another user, 2029man, who calls himself 'The Messenger', tells followers predictions about the future. As regular as his videos are, many have already proved to be false.

On January 3, he predicted on January 6, US Congress would reject the electoral college decision on the 2020 presidential election.

He said: "This will lead to Nancy Pelosi becoming president on January 20. Be ready."

Instead, President Joe Biden did become head of state and hundreds of rioters stormed the US Capitol – which did not feature in his prediction.

Although he has 600,000 followers, many don't believe most of his future claims.

One person wrote: "This did not age well", on the post.

Whereas, another person joked: On January 7th, 2021, my grandma’s food stamps will come in, we eating good. Be ready."

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