Unusual sights have been reported in the seasonably inclement skies above England’s capital London in recent days. Amateur smartphone footage seems to show some anomalies glowing through the granite-coloured skies.

These supposedly Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) seem vaguely spherical in shape.

I have reported similar UFOs this week

Scott Waring

And some suggest at least three or four of them can be seen in the 57 second-long clip.

Self-titled expert in all things alien Scott Waring is among those who controversially think this unverified video has documented evidence of alien UFOs over London.

Mr Waring wrote a post on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, speculating about the provenance of these purported UFOs.

He said: “I have reported similar UFOs this week. Those are cloud orbs.

“They are dropped-off by a mother orb, which is not much bigger, but produces over 100 other similar size orbs.”

Mr Waring goes so far to say he may have unintentionally unearthed evidence of a worldwide intelligent alien conspiracy.

He said: “At least that’s what I get from past UFO video reports about a decade ago in Japan.

“Here its [sic] London, but I reported the same white orbs over Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, California and Japan […] all this week.

“So, you see, I have seen these orbs a lot in the last 15 years.

“And only seen a mother orb three times on video during that time.

“Rare, but the orbs you see in this video come from a mother orb releasing them one by one in this vicinity.“

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However, even a casual observer can see the so-called array of UFOs is really just several low-flying helicopters armed with searchlights encountering thick cloud.

The absurd incident attracted numerous comments on popular video-sharing platform YouTube.

Jeeves1947 was among those who appeared singularly unimpressed by the clip.

He commented somewhat acerbically: “Pity the person with the camera had less than half a brain.”

Such ‘alien craft’ sightings are almost always examples of wishful thinking, an intention to hoax people or a fascinating phenomenon known as pareidolia.

A subcategory of apophenia, this is the tendency for an inaccurate perception of a stimulus.

This can result in seeing shapes in clouds, in inanimate objects and even abstract patterns.

A disturbingly similar incident occurred over Australian city Sydney three weeks ago.

This involved two apparent anomalies being mistaken for UFOs, despite them clearly being cirrus clouds.

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