‘They tried to blur it.’

A “UFO” has been spotted on the International Space Station’s (ISS) live feed, and NASA quickly pixelated the object in order to cover it up – at least, that’s the claim being made by a YouTuber who scours the ISS’s feed for any and all UFO-related videos.

As the Daily Star reports, YouTuber secureteam10 claims to have found evidence of an alien spacecraft while watching the live feed from the orbiter.

“I don’t think it is part of the ISS, it definitely seems alien-like to me.”

On Saturday, the YouTuber posted a video saying that a user, who was watching the ISS’s live feed, spotted an alien spacecraft. Moments later, he claims, NASA pixelated the image.

It does not appear as if there is, or ever was, any video of the supposed UFO. However, in the video, which you can see below, a pixelated white box does indeed appear very clearly against a yellowish background. Secureteam10 explains in his narration that the yellow is just space; due to the nature of transmitting data from the ISS’s cameras down to Earth results in black space appearing yellow for reasons that we won’t get into here. Nevertheless, amidst the amorphous and pixelated yellow background, a solid white box does appear to move throughout the camera’s field of view.


Clearly, NASA did not want viewers back on the ground to see whatever it was, so the space agency pixelated it and covered it with a white box.

So that must obviously mean that it was an alien spacecraft and that NASA is covering it up – at least, that’s the theory being pushed by the YouTuber and his commenters.

“It is blurred on purpose and NASA used software to pixellate [sic] the real object. NASA is censoring the truth.”

Unfortunately, the truth is almost certainly far more mundane. While it’s almost certain that NASA did indeed pixelate something in the orbiter’s live feed, it likely wasn’t an alien spacecraft. There’s a lot up in space that NASA would rather the general public not know about, and the vast majority of it is military hardware. Long story short, the ISS probably caught a military surveillance satellite in its lenses, and the space agency pixelated it for security reasons.

At least, that’s the most likely explanation. It could be within the realm of possibility, however unlikely, that the ISS really did capture a UFO and that NASA quickly tried to cover it up, and unless and until someone fesses up, there is no knowing for certain.

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