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The mystery behind the Utah monolith has taken yet another strange turn, after a video appeared to show a spooky creature lurking at its site.

The seemingly otherworldly metal object appeared in the desert last week, with no one able to explain how it got there.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest aliens were to blame while others claimed it was nothing more than a hoax.

But, just as soon as it appeared, the monolith suddenly vanished.

TikTok user @serg.boy was desperate to catch a glimpse of the object but was disappointed when all that was left was its base.

In a video seen millions of times, he can be seen approaching the site where his two friends are standing and says: “Guess who drove 15 hours just to find out the monolith’s not even here anymore.”

While he may not have seen what he came to see, the internet was quickly sent into meltdown after eagle-eyed viewers noticed a mysterious shape in the background.

A black pointed figure seems to emerge out of the crevice in the structure behind the girl in the white hat, in the clip.

There also seems to be a face of some sort emanating from the darkness.

The TikTok uploader did not appear to notice the figure but thousands of viewers did.

“There’s something behind the girl,” one wrote.

Another said: “There’s a demon behind the girl’s white hat.”

A third joked: “I think we found what took it.”

Popular YouTube conspiracy channel, The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, also got wind of the video and shared their thoughts in a recent upload.

“I can’t figure out what this is, this thing looks like a giant bat, or it could be an alien, or it could be someone in a costume,” he said.

And some skeptics agreed with the last suggestion, claiming the sight was actually set up as a prank.

“That’s the front of a hoodie and this was planned,” one wrote.

Another commented: “For all you that are legit scared, he’s a YouTuber and this is a skit.”

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