Aristotle first proved it in 330 BC, yet many conspiracy theorists still doubt whether the Earth is really round.

Space agencies including NASA and ESA have taken countless satellite images that clearly show our planet is spherical.

But despite the fact that there is a wealth of scientific proof, many people are still adamant that it is flat.

Their strange theories suggest that our planet is really a disc surrounded by ice which is guarded by NASA, and that gravity is just an illusion.

Here’s our round-up of some of the wackiest ideas.

Biblical references

Many Flat Earth theories are based on references to our planet in the Bible .

Several texts in the Bible describe Earth as ‘immovable’, while in the book of Daniel, it states that the king “saw a tree of great height at the centre of the earth…reaching with its top to the sky and visible to the earth’s farthest bounds.”

If the Earth was flat, a tall tree would be visible to “the earth’s farthest bounds,” but this is impossible on a spherical Earth, believers claim.

Other biblical references are slightly more tenuous, such as the reference to Earth’s ‘foundations’ and ‘corners.’

NASA guards an ice wall around our planet

One of the most popular Flat Earth theories is that Earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle at the centre, and that Antarctica forms a wall of ice around the rim.

Conspiracy theories believe that NASA guards this ice wall, to stop people from climbing over and falling off our planet.

On the Flat Earth Society website , it says: “The traditional view is that the Ice Wall rises approximately 150 feet above sea level, preventing the ocean from spilling over the edge of the Earth.

“Others believe the Ice Wall to be much larger. In this model, there is an impenetrable boundary of ice further outward around the edges of the Earth, generally estimated to be 40,000 – 50,000 feet high.

“In both views, the Ice Wall is a naturally formed structure, a mountain range merely covered in ice and snow.”

Space travel is fake

Many conspiracy theorists believe that space travel is fake, and that space agencies including NASA use elaborate ways to pretend to capture footage of our planet.

While the motive for this remains unclear, conspiracy theorists have a range of theories.

Their most popular theory is that NASA fakes space travel for profit, and that NASA is primarily an embezzlement front.

Other theories include that NASA doesn’t know that the Earth is flat and has simply been faking the concept of space travel, or it’s an attempt for ‘military dominance.’

On the Flat Earth Society website, it says: “The US Government and its European allies have a large interest in investing untold millions of dollars into hoaxing space travel because it gives a superior image to the rest of the world.

“Once a country has the technology to reach orbit it can also scare off aggressors and send ICBMs raining down on its enemies at the push of a button.

“Creating the illusion of space travel is critical to national security of a first-world nation, whether it is actually possible or not.”

Gravity isn’t real

Gravity is just an illusion, according to many conspiracy theorists.

They claim that rather than being a force, gravity is actually the upwards acceleration of the disc-shaped Earth.

The Flat Earth Society said: “The traditional theory of gravity is incompatible with the Flat Earth Model because it requires a large, spherical mass pulling objects uniformly toward its centre.

“Rather than a downward pull due to the presence of mass, the theory of Universal Acceleration asserts that the roughly disk-shaped Earth is accelerating ‘upward’ at a constant rate of 9.8m/sec squared. This produces the effect commonly referred to as ‘gravity.’”

The Pac-Man theory

One of the strangest theories, which was put forward last week at the UK’s first Flat Earth Convention by musician Darren Nesbit, was that we’re living in a Pac-Man world.

Speaking at the conference, Mr Nesbit said: “We know that continuous east-west travel is possible. One logical possibility for those who are truly free thinkers is that space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect.”

Mr Nesbit’s theory is based on two main observations.

He added: “One is that, go look or stand outside – the world is clearly not moving!

“I know they fudge a whole load of nonsensical reasons why we don’t feel this 1,038 + 67,000 + 500,000 mph motion in different directions but anyone who’s ever been in an earthquake knows what it feels like when the Earth really is moving and not perfectly stable.

“The other is that no matter where you live on this supposed ball, you seem to live right on top of it.

“Someone should be living on the side of the ball, with a perfectly vertical landscape, and people should be living underneath it, walking upside down.”

Australia is fake

While it’s home to over 24 million people, some Flat Earthers believe that Australia is fake.

The origin of the "fake Australia" post started on Reddit back in 2017 and was written by a Shelley Floryd. But it appears to be back in the minds of the spherically-challenged at the moment.

"Australia is not real," the rant begins.

"It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace. In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again.

"It’s a coverup [sic] for one of the greatest mass murders in history."

Moreover, the post reckons that all Australians are nothing more than computer generated personas and if you’ve ever been Down Under yourself: "you’re terribly wrong".

Hilariously, the pilots are apparently all in on it – and have just been flying you to parts of South America all these years.

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