The factory behind Westworld-style sex robots has teased fans with a sci-fi inspired face mould.

US-based Real Doll has built a reputation for making realistic sex dolls, but a recent snap suggests they are venturing out of the bedroom.

A photo shared on Instagram earlier this week shows company co-owner and special effects artist, M.D. Wilson working on a mould pretty far removed from Real Doll's typical faces.

Wilson appears to have drawn inspiration in his creation from Skinless Julia in the 1987 British supernatural horror movie Hellraiser.

The picture's caption read: "It's not all sex dolls you know, we always have some interesting projects going on around the warehouse too! Can you guess what this one is?"

"Sci-fi movie?" Was one attempt to probe for more information.

On his personal account, fans have been excitedly commenting on Wilson's updates to his freaky face sculpting.

Someone wrote: "I'm not going to lie- I was waiting to see eyes open there for a second 😛 It looks incredible"

Another simply approved saying: "Badass".

In the caption for his snap of the final product, Wilson gave away his inspiration with the hashtag 'Hellraiser'.

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Judging by both his comments and Real Doll's, this is only the start for more supernatural and sci-fi designs set to come out of the company's workshop.

Wilson wrote: "So excited to get this wrapped! More projects to come!"

His decision to re-create a particular character from the Hellraiser films went down a storm with one fan in particular.

They commented on the design: "As a kid, I had the biggest crush on Skinless Julia in Hellraiser 2!"

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Someone else added: "Great work Mike!"

Last month Real Doll said their eerily lifelike doll is 'staring into your soul' and asking why you haven't bought one your own yet.

But sex robot expert Dr Kate Devlin hit back at the company's claims and suggested sex robots are still in their infancy.

Ahead of Black Friday AI-AI Tech UK announced it would be cutting prices on its range of high-tech sex robots by more than £200.

One of them is artificial intelligence-equipped Emma who the company claims can chat about geography, history and even crack jokes.

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