A woman was left terrified after re-watching her friend's video to find a mysterious "burnt-like figure" appearing from behind.

Reddit user Princesslina87 said she received the selfie video from her friend, who noticed a "red-faced head" popping up right behind her shoulder when she re-watched the strange clip.

In the post, it said: "Something with a red face came up behind my friend.

"She was drinking and there was no one else in the room with them. It randomly shows up behind the girl on the left's head."

The clip captures the two girls giggling in front of the camera.

As they move around, it shows some red and black decoration hanging on the wall.

Right before the second the video is cut, the odd-looking figure appears at the back in between the girls.

The user bizarrely suggested something was feeding off the bad energy in the house.

She wrote: "I think it was a demon or something cause lots of bad stuff was happening at her house and sad stuff with her family."

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Many viewers said the clip spooked them and the figure looked like a "burnt head".

One wrote: "Can see tufts of hair on top of the head, if it's a head!

"It may just be some freakish weirdness. Whatever it is, looks like a burned victim."

A second added: "That scared me. Regretting watching that late at night. It appears so quickly but it looked angry to me."

But others suggested it could be pareidolia, a tendency towards incorrect perception of a stimulus like seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns.

A viewer said: "I don't know what the figure behind her is but the 'eyes' are strands of her hair reflecting light."

Another joked: "Pareidolia claims hundreds of thousands of minds every day."

"It looks like a hair tie (scrunchy) and a balloon in the background," a third added.

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