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A woman is suing a local Facebook group admin over 'bull***t' claims she's having sex with her cat

Jess Hoyle is in the midst of a bizarre court battle where she is arguing that she never played with her cats balls, and insists any comments she made were just 'made up bulls**t' on a hen's night.

The Tasmanian woman is suing the female administrator of a Launceston Facebook group and a man who she claims defamed her on the page with posts claiming 'she sexually abuses her pets' in 2020.

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The 24-year-old insists the comments were the result of her feeling pressured to make a crude confession at a hen's night in 2020.

Ms Hoyle told Daily Mail Australia that during the evening at the male defendant's Launceston house in northern Tasmania the gathered women were making explicit sexual confessions and she felt the need to say something similar.

"I had to listen to everybody talk about what they do with their man," Ms Hoyle said.

She added that before her turn she was told one of the women had 'sex with their toothbrush' and didn't know what to say, because she is gay, so decided to make something up.

"So I said 'I don't have a man but I have a cat and I play with his balls'," she said.

"The funny part about this is that Bruce (her cat) doesn't have any balls.'

"I made it up.

"It was bullsh*t."

"What was I going to say? Nothing and be the odd one out?"

The case was heard at Launceston Magistrates Court on Thursday with the court told the subsequent posts made by the male defendant, who was in the house but in a different room, were in response to Ms Hoyle advertising a protest related to the death of US man George Floyd in May 2020.

"The woman (and I wish I were joking) sexually abuses her pets," the man wrote about Ms Hoyle.

"Her 'man' is actually her pet cat."

The man also claimed he had "personally heard" Ms Hoyle say she has a "sexual and spiritual relationship with her cat," the court heard.

Ms Hoyle believes the man's sources were those who heard her 'made up' confession at the party.

She said a doctor told her to get Bruce, who is now 15, to help deal with depression.

"He's been a good cat over the years," Ms Hoyle said.

"He's never been abused.

"I have never played with his balls because he doesn't have any."

She added: "I've had that many breakdowns because of what he put up."

"It made me really upset and depressed."

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Ms Hoyle is seeking an apology from the defendants and for her legal bills to be paid.

During the case the male defendant told the court his Facebook statements were "contextually true".

The man said he believed Ms Hoyle when she said she had a sexual relationship with her cat at the hen's night.

"At hen's nights people tell deep secrets about themselves," he told Magistrate Simon Brown.

"I didn't believe she was joking.

"I think it is deeply wrong and concerning."

Ms Boyle categorically denied the allegations during the hearing.


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