Mesmerising lakes, mighty mountains and magical forests: Ten wanderlust-sparking images that show the hypnotic beauty of Canada’s Banff National Park

  • The jaw-dropping images of the protected area in Alberta were snapped by Canadian photographer Kai Yhun
  • The 26-year-old’s snaps show the likes of the beautiful Lake Louise and the incredible Valley of the Ten Peaks
  • He said: ‘I love Banff, especially the mountains. Each one has such a unique form and I find them inspiring’

If a trip to Canada’s Banff National Park wasn’t on your agenda before, it may well be once you’ve gawped at these incredible pictures.

They show the ethereal glacial lakes, stunning snow-capped mountains and enchanting forests inside the 2,464-square-mile area in Alberta in all of their hypnotic glory.

They were snapped by Vancouver-based photographer Kai Yhun, who visits Banff National Park several times each year to capture its wanderlust-sparking qualities.

His awe-inspiring pictures show the likes of the serene Lake Louise, the mighty Valley of the Ten Peaks and the breathtaking views from Morant’s Curve – a beauty spot where Canadian Pacific Railway trains can be seen snaking through the eye-popping landscape.

Kai, 26, told MailOnline Travel: ‘I love Banff, especially the mountains. Each one has such a unique form and I find them very inspiring. My favourite season to visit is in autumn when the climate and the atmosphere are just perfect.

‘Visiting Banff is a must for anyone who hasn’t been. If you love nature, the hikes are amazing.’ Scroll down and prepare to be seduced…

A breathtaking shot of Moraine Lake, one of Kai’s favourite spots in Banff National Park. He said: ‘I love how nature constructed such a perfect scene with the mountains, lake and forest. On a still morning, the reflection will take your breath away’ 

This jaw-dropping shot captures the vibrant blue waters of Peyto Lake, a glacier-fed lake named after Bill Peyto, a famous trail guide in the Banff area 

The ethereal Lake Louise amid a snowy backdrop. The lake is named after Princess Louise – a daughter of Queen Victoria. Kai says a lot of people who view his pictures describe them as ‘moody’

Kai captured this autumnal scene at Moraine Lake, which is watched over by some of the 10,000ft-plus craggy mountains that form the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake is famously photogenic. Places you may recognise it from include Windows 7 (where a photo of it was used as a background), Windows 10 (where a picture of it was used for the login screen) and in the Google Android system (where a picture of it was used as a background)

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Kai captured the two enchanting scenes above from Morant’s Curve – an area close to Lake Louise where you can see Canadian Pacific Railway trains snaking around the landscape

A jaw-dropping image of Lake Louise, which was incorporated into Banff National Park in 1892. The park covers an area of 2,464 square miles

A frozen Lake Minnewanka. The Banff and Lake Louise tourist board says it is ‘a beautiful spot, popular for picnicking, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, diving, and snowshoeing’

Kai said: ‘Visiting Banff is a must for anyone who hasn’t been. If you love nature, the hikes are amazing.’ Pictured is Moraine Lake and its lofty scenery

Lonely Planet says Banff National Park is ‘in the hit parade of top sights in Canada’ and ‘justifiably ranks as many people’s number one’

  • To see more of Kai’s work visit his website – – and his Instagram page.  

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