They will now be able to put children into a bed in economy – with the charge an affordable £34 for two kids.

Joon, low cost arm of Air France, is installing “Piuma” beds designed by a company called Geven on its Airbus A340 planes.  They will be named “Cosy Joon” seats.

God Save The Points reports that the beds make use of the space where the legs go when sitting up, instead extending the seat out to create enough space for a child to go to sleep.

Air New Zealand introduced a bed that goes across three seats earlier this year for kids to sleep on when sitting with a parent – but this involves paying for three seats.

The clever new designs on Joon will mean families only have to pay a normal seat price.

Cosy Joon seats will be available on each of the airline’s A340s, but there are limited numbers.

They will be in rows 33 to 36 and are designated for families with two children or more.

They will cost €20 extra (£17) per child – not bad, when you consider how much less stressful a flight could be for a family.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed the best ways to keep kids happy on a flight, as advised by cabin crew and pilots.

These tips include investing in noise-cancelling headphones.

Liliana Chantre, senior cabin crew said: “Bring noise cancelling headphones for new-born babies and toddlers – it helps them to feel calm and relaxed as well as helping with the pressure change.”

Another good way to keep little ones occupied is to bring "smart snacks" on board.

Robert Kennedy, cabin crew, said: “Pack lots of time consuming snacks for them to eat which will keep them occupied for as long as possible! I always bring dry alphabet cereal or cheerios.”

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