But it isn't just the temperature that has the UK rivalling more exotic countries – our beaches are pretty impressive too.

In fact, some are so remarkable that you'd be hard pushed to guess they were in Blighty.

Sun Online Travel has chosen a series of coastal stretches that look near identical to ones found abroad.

From white sandy beaches to turquoise waters, it's almost impossible to tell the difference – read on to see if you can…

1. Durdle Door in Dorset or Praia de Marinha in the Algarve, Portugal

2. St Ninian's Isle in the Shetlands or Zlatni Rat beach on Brac island, Croatia

3. The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland or Los Organos in La Gomera, Canary Islands

4. Carlisle Beach in Barbados or Appletree Bay beach in the Isles of Scilly

5. Camber Sands in Sussex or The Hamptons in New York State

6. Bondi Beach lido or Portsmouth lido

7. Tenby Harbour or Wales and Propriano in Corsica

8. Cala Tarida in Ibiza or Porthcurno in Cornwall

One of these beaches is in Ibiza… and the other is in Cornwall

Did you manage to guess which coastal stretches belonged to the UK?

We've got the answers here so you can check.

1:  Praia de Marinha, right, and Durdle Door, left; 2: St Ninian's Isle, left, and Zlatni Rat beach, right, 3: Los Organos, right, and the Giant's Causeway, left,  4: Appletree Bay, left, and Carlisle Beach, right; 5: The Hamptons, left, and Camber Sands, right; 6: Portsmouth lido, left, and Bondi Beach lido, right; 7: Tenby Harbour, left, and Propriano, right;  8: Cala Tarida, right, and Porthcurno, right.

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