BLACKPOOL has seen the highest number of visitors this summer in ten years, according to the Director of Tourism, as families flock to the seaside resort.

UK holidays have boomed in recent months as travel uncertainty and quarantine restrictions are enforced for countries abroad.

This has led to overbooked hotels and home rentals, as well as campsites and holiday parks selling out over the summer.

Seaside resorts have been packed in recent weeks thanks to the better weather, with beaches overcrowded.

Director of Blackpool Tourism Alan Cavill said they have seen the highest numbers in a decade.

He told Sun Online Travel: "Our best measure for numbers is our car parks – they are busier than they have been for ten years.

"We've done better this July than July last year. Although operating below capacity, it is full every day.

"Normally during the summer months you would have a mixture of busy and quiet days, but now there is nothing else to do and people are booking in advance, every day seems busy."

"You might see a week of 6,000 to 7,000 people per day, which then drops to 1,000 per day. Now it's 2,500 every day.

"Northern Rail have also said Blackpool was the busiest location on the network as people aren't using the trains for commuting but for leisure travel instead."

He said that many families who had holidays planned abroad are opting for the seaside resort now.

He continued: "I spoke to some families who said they were booked to go to Canary Islands and they went to Blackpool instead.

"It's definitely a family audience that are going to struggle to go to other places which will come to Blackpool."

While Cornwall and Devon have attracted families during the summer holidays, Mr Cavill claims Blackpool will see a surge in visitors during the autumn and winter.

"For autumn and winter, there is a pent up demand for people," he explained.

"Our busiest week is October half term week as people don't want to go abroad and they take holidays in Blackpool as one of the few places that is open and still doing stuff.

"We don't rely on weather thankfully, whereas south coast resorts do more so.

"A lot of our attractions can still function when weather is bad, such as the Blackpool Illuminations you can drive through."

He continued: "The difference between us and the south coast resorts is that they mainly offer the beach as the main attraction, with a bit of food, whereas Blackpool is mainly the strip, with a beach as an add-on extra.

"Our beaches aren't like the ones you see are busy with small coves that are manic.

"You have to get off them twice a day so you might get wet as the tide changes but as we have a shallow beach, it goes out nearly a mile and you have a huge part of the beach to visit."

While events which attract tourists such as fireworks shows are unlikely to happen this year, Mr Cavill is still positive that the region will be able to survive during the winter months.

He added: "We have the infrastructure for a longer season whereas other places may struggle.

"As soon as theatres and nightclubs can open, hopefully next year, we can be part of the party for 2021 too."

Blackpool is also home to one of the best B&B's in the UK, according to TripAdvisor, as well as the one of the best theme parks – Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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