"Obviously, none of us like these circumstances, but I'd be lying if I said that I'm not having a blast being stuck at home for this long because I've just never gotten to do it. Since I've owned a home, I've never been able to be there more than two weeks max at a time," he said. "This has been an eye-opener, I told my manager, I said, 'Man, you might have a hard time getting me to go back on the road again actually.'"

The couple's at-home life inspired their new duet "Happy Anywhere." The romantic new song — their fourth together and first since their hit January duet "Nobody But You" — sees the pair croon about being perfectly content no matter where they are, as long as they have each other.

When the longtime lovebirds aren't making sweet music together, Shelton says they're trying out a few new hobbies — and reaping the rewards.

"We've been doing things that I wished I had time to do for the last 20 years," Shelton said on Friday's episode of the Today show. "Literally stupid things like pick blackberries … We grew a garden. I grew several acres of sweet corn. Country things like that!"

He continued: "I can't be still, especially when I'm home. There's just too much stuff I want to do and want to experience."

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