A BRIT COUPLE who were forced to quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus in Greece have slammed TUI for sending them to a cockroach-infested isolation hotel, with no way of contacting each other.

Jamie Lewis, 30, and Amy Wyllie 26, from Cardiff, spent £1,825 on an all-inclusive holiday to Corfu in Greece, staying at the five-star TUI BLUE Atlantica Grand Med resort.

On arrival at the airport on August 3, they were both tested for coronavirus, and told they would be contacted within 24 hours with the results.

After self-isolating for their first day, and hearing nothing from Greek authorities, the pair continued with their holiday.

Yet on day four, as they were due to head on a boat trip, Amy was contacted, and told she had tested positive.

Her partner, Jamie, told Sun Online Travel: "On the Friday, four days after we arrived, we were just about to set off to go on a boat for the day, but at 9:30am Amy's phone rang from Athens, saying she had tested positive.

"They ordered us to go back to the hotel room and said a doctor would then be there in the next few hours."

After three and a half hours, a member of staff arrived at the door, pointed at Amy and said to follow her.

Jamie was told to stay in the hotel room and was picked up an hour and a half later.

They were taken half an hour away to the Bintzan Inn Hotel, where they claim the hotel rooms featured cockroaches, wasps nests and ants, along with no internet and very little edible food.

Used car sales manager Jamie said: "When we arrived, they parked outside the block and just pointed to my room where the key was in the door. There was no explanation.

"We were given separate rooms next to each other. I was greeted by cockroaches and some ants nests, and I had to sleep with my tracksuit on and a towel over my head as they were crawling over the bed.

"On the bed there was an envelope containing a letter that said all communication was to be done with reception via email.

"But we then had issues trying to get in touch with reception as there was no WiFi or signal there."

The pair were not allowed to go into each other's rooms, and struggled to stay in touch with each other due to the internet problems.

Jamie said: "When we were in the quarantine hotel, we had a small balcony where we could just see each other, but we couldn't have a conversation, and there were wasps nests on either side of us so we couldn't stay out long.

"Normally you would FaceTime, but there was no signal. Amy found it really tough.

"There was a TV in the room, but no English channels so you couldn't watch it, and the air con didn't work, although it was 30C."

They also both struggled with the food, served to their door three times a day.

Jamie added: "There was no choice in food, and was mainly pasta, bread and rice to fill us up.

"The chicken was black and the beef was full of grease. I was too scared to eat it as I thought it would make me ill.

"I didn't eat for the first three days, as I felt so ill. I asked if I could order anything, and they let me pay €8 for a pizza, but they left it outside on a brick wall for me, and when I went out to collect it, it was covered in wasps."

After seven days, Jamie, who tested negative, was allowed to leave – but Amy had to remain in isolation for another seven days.

He continued: "It got tougher when I left as I could hardly speak to Amy.
"I had to pay for a separate hotel 30 minutes away, and they didn't say why we were separated.

"They said if we stayed in the same rooms, they would report us to the authorities.

"I asked for a retest, which we were happy to pay for when we got there, as I didn't understand how she could be positive and I was negative when we were around each other all the time, but they refused."

It was only after another seven days, 14 days after they both first arrived, that they were able to get home, but only after paying €220 for a second test and Fit to Fly letter, as well as €420 for the additional seven nights Jamie stayed.

The pair have slammed TUI who claim to offer Covid protection, only for them to refuse to cover costs.

Jamie warned: "When I was out of quarantine, I spoke to the TUI rep who told us not to panic as everything would be covered, as they would sort hotels and flights.

"They were really pushing their TUI Covid protection so we thought we were in safe hands.

"They promised to cover our additional hotel stays, our tests, all of it.

"However, the day before I was due to leave quarantine, they said the hotel wouldn't be covered as hotels wouldn't accept me as they knew I had been in isolation."

The pair have been left out of pocket, as well as mentally and physically drained from their experience.

He continued: "Amy was left so upset. It took her about five days to recover as she wasn't herself.

"It's hard to explain what it does to you when you are trapped inside a room, unable to eat, it drains you mentally and physically."

He added: "I wouldn't book with TUI ever again. They said they would refund the Fit to Fly but they haven't.

"I'd never booked with them before but I chose to this time because of their Covid protection.

"I also wouldn't go abroad again until there is a vaccine. We love our holidays, we probably go away eight times a year, and had already been to Ibiza before this which was great.

"We've since told friends and family about what happened, and it's put many of them off, and many of them have cancelled their own trips."

A TUI spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: "We’re sorry to hear that these customers were unhappy with their experience.

"When we contacted the customer directly, they advised their concern was their insurance provider not covering the covid-19 test they were required to take before returning home.

"We have assisted the customer and refunded the cost for the covid-19 test."

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