HOLIDAYMAKERS in parts of Ibiza town and the popular tourist resort of San Antonio will have to abide by new lockdown restrictions from 10pm on Friday.

Tourist chiefs have made it clear that new coronavirus safety regulations apply as much to them as they do to local residents.

If a tourist is staying in hotel accommodation within the new restricted zones, they won't be able to travel outside the area to visit other restaurants, pubs or beaches.

The new rules will restrict movements outside the areas except for "justified reasons" such as care of the elderly, going to work, shopping etc and place a 50 per cent capacity limit on commercial establishments, with a 10pm closing.

Social gatherings cannot exceed five people if they are not living together and places of worship have been suspended, although funerals can go ahead with capacity restrictions.

Restaurants, bars and cafeterias will have to limit their capacity to 50%, both indoors and outdoors, and the maximum occupancy will be five people per table or group of tables. Bar consumption is not allowed.

Fiestas and festivals have also been suspended for the duration of the measures which will last for a minimum of 15 days. The wearing of masks continues to be compulsory.

The new restrictions will also affect the area of ​​Avinguda de l'Arquitect Bennazar in Palma in Majorca, along with Can Capes, Soledat Nord, Son Gotelu and part of Son Canals.

Health officials have also announced a mass coronavirus screening operation in these areas over the next two weeks with a total target population of 2,540 people, 1,687 from Ibiza and 853 from San Antonio.

These will be taken from the streets showing the highest incidence of the virus in the last 15 days.

Hoteliers say it is like "another jug of cold water" being poured over them as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Balearic president, Francina Armengol says the new rules are vital to avoid new coronavirus outbreaks.

She said: "We are talking about difficult decisions that no one likes and that require more sacrifice on the part of citizens, businesses and workers but we also know that they work and will make us stop the virus sooner and return to normal."

The Balearic government has published details of the streets in Ibiza town and San Antonio which are affected by the new order.

They are mainly central places.

Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez said the aim of exceptional and temporary measures was to "limit and avoid situations that can promote contagion, especially in closed places where there are crowds of people, with little ventilation, or where the mask is not used." 

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