Back in April, Caillat also said she and Young were social distancing together in Nashville amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're in a really pretty neighborhood, so we feel lucky that we get to take these walks outside every day for health and sanity and not be worrying that we're going to be bumping into people," she said. "We're just trying to find that balance of resting and resetting but also being productive for when this is all over, we're prepared."

Gone West released their debut album, Canyons, in June after two years as a band and more than a decade of friendship.

"We've been friends for so many years, and we've worked together for so many years," Caillat told PEOPLE in 2019. "The progression of this band came out naturally and when it comes to writing the songs and producing these songs, we all have a certain vision in mind for how we want it to turn out."

“So we all keep each other on track, and we all have the same goals with it," she added. "If one of us wasn't in the band, the songs would not sound the way they are. We feel grateful that we have those years of experience and bonding together and now we all get to equally create these songs together."

Gone West's summer and fall tour dates have been canceled due to the pandemic.

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