It might be tempting to try to tan as much as possible before the big day, but an expert says this is the ultimate no-no – in case you get sunburnt.

Marsha-Ann Ann Brown is Director of Romance at Sandals res

orts and lives and works at their resorts in Jamaica.

She reveals that she asks brides and grooms to stay out of the sun – and even has a face-to-face consultation about it when the wedding party gets to one of the brand’s resorts.

She said: “We encourage those getting married to avoid the sun as much as possible just before the big day.

“We send them to our spa the day before to keep them out of the sun so that they won’t have sunburn on their wedding day.

“It’s really easy for people to go overboard with sunbathing especially in the beautiful Caribbean, but we warn them not to.”

The resorts also offer special spa treatments that reduce sunburn.

She: “Our treatments can temper the colour down – but the best way is to avoid the sun entirely a day or two before the wedding.”

She also advises people on what to wear on their big day – which is going to have almost guaranteed sunshine.

She said: “I’d always advise lighter fabrics – because it is going to get hot and sweaty.

“If you have huge, dream dress that you want to wear then that is absolutely fine.

“But I’d suggest an outfit change for afterwards.

“Men should pick light linen suits in paler shades. These will look better in the wedding photos, too.”

Marsha Ann has what sounds like a dream job – creating perfect wedding days on a beautiful island.

And she says that working in paradise hasn't got old for her just yet.

She said: "You'll find me out at sunrise on the beach – I make the most of what the island has to offer me.

"I'm not one of these people who lets the beauty become ordinary. I appreciate everything that Jamaica has to offer from its mountains to its coast on a daily basis."

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