Eerie images by Romain Veillon show abandoned hotels in Japan

Eerie images show abandoned hotels, schools and strip clubs that have been left to rack and ruin in Japan

  • The images were snapped by French photographer Romain Veillon who specialises in creepy photos
  • He discovered buildings that had been left seemingly untouched since the day they were abandoned
  • Photographer also noted that nobody had stolen from the buildings, which were packed with artefacts

Japan is a country known for being clean and hi-tech, but these images show another, eerie side to it – hotels, schools, theme parks and strip clubs that have been left to rack and ruin.

The creepy pictures were snapped by French photographer Romain Veillon, who travelled to the country almost two years ago to seek out fascinating derelict buildings, which he has a passion for.

While there, he discovered buildings that had been left untouched since the day they were abandoned.

Mr Veillon never reveals exactly where the places he photographs are and gives few details about them, saying he prefers viewers’ imaginations to ‘do the work’.

While in Japan he was delighted to discover that abandoned places tend not to get vandalised, unlike derelict spots in Europe. He told  MailOnline Travel: ‘I have seen only a very small part of vandalism during my trip, which is very different of western countries where derelict places get destroyed very quickly. It was incredible to enter and see so many objects that stayed there for years.

Scroll down to discover some of the chilling images Mr Veillon captured on his adventure…

Colourful pink walls and small red seats remain inside what was once a bustling strip club… now abandoned

A room within an abandoned love hotel in Japan. Mr Veillon says the room has a medieval theme and standing in the corner is a rusting suit of armour 

Leaves, dust and other rubbish now litter a doctor’s surgery. It’s a spine-chilling sight

An abandoned theme park that has a ‘Wild West’ themed village, now overgrown with plants

The characters from a wild west gun shooting exhibition are left to rot inside an abandoned theme park

A bizarre green elephant sits among the horses on a carousel that has been left to ruin among the long grass at an abandoned theme park 

Colour lamps and eye-catching blue chairs lay strewn across the floor in what remains of a vintage hotel in Japan 

A derelict shrine containing thousands of mortuary tablets that Mr Veillon discovered in the mountains in Japan. He spent three weeks travelling around the Asian country 

A former arcade full of Pachinko games is left to rot. Mr Veillon said: ‘I have always been fascinated by Japan and it was the occasion to mix my passion and my photography skills during these three weeks that made me want to go there’ 

The bizarre – and slightly disturbing sight – of dead snakes placed in jars in an abandoned laboratory in Japan

A traditional Japanese statue stands in the middle of the room in what appears to be a storage area of an empty hotel 

In this abandoned school a teacher’s chalky notes are still on the blackboard, with framed portraits, perhaps of past headmasters, on the ground in front of it. Mr Veillon was pleased that derelict places in Japan are left so ‘intact’

This is an abandoned onsen, a Japanese hot spring, where people would have come to relax. Now a different sort of chilling is associated with it

Intricate art work still adorns the walls of this former priest’s house in Japan

This house used to be owned by a doctor and Mr Veillon found a cabinet inside full of medical supplies

A hotel room left to ruin, with nature now taking over – grass has formed a new carpet

The cushions from the seats inside this abandoned hotel room are strewn across the floor while wallpaper peels from the walls

Blankets and pillows are stacked high in what appears to have been a former hotel storage room

A former factory lies in ruins in the Japanese countryside. Mr Veillon spent three weeks travelling around the country 

A picture from inside one of the abandoned theme parks that Mr Veillon discovered, showing how it is now covered in trees and other plants 

What appears to be a replica of Mount Rushmore looms over an abandoned Japanese theme park now overgrown with plants

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