Competition for customers means shops, restaurants and bars have cut prices in many resort towns including Spain’s Costa del Sol.

And while the Pound is worth about the same as it was last year compared to the euro, it has soared against other currencies — which also helps.

Prices for holiday essentials such as meals, drinks and suncream are down compared to last year in half of the getaway spots surveyed.

In Turkey, prices are down by as much as 20 per cent.

And while the other half are dearer, there is good news.

Post Office Travel Money’s annual report shows most of the destinations that have gone up in cost were already among the pricier options. So the better-value destinations are now even cheaper.

In fact, four of the five cheapest resorts polled have seen prices for the sample basket of goods fall over the past 12 months.

The Post Office compared prices for eight typical items sold in 42 resorts across the world.

Items included coffee, local beer, Coca-Cola, wine, water, suncream, insect repellent and a three-course evening meal for two.

Best value was Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where the entire basket could be bought for just £35.86.
That was down by £2, or 5.4 per cent, on last year, when the resort again emerged as the cheapest.

Second-placed Marmaris, in Turkey, saw the biggest fall in price — down 20.6 per cent due to the collapse of the Turkish lira.

The basket cost fell from £55.65 to £44.18, while Brits visiting Turkey will get almost a third more cash to spend based on the latest exchange rates.

Other bargain destinations in Europe included Nice, Corfu and the Costa del Sol, where prices have fallen by 14, eight and two per cent respectively.

The cheapest long-haul destination was South Africa, which is attracting growing numbers of Brits through a favourable exchange rate and the relatively low cost of living.

But it’s not all good news. Prices in Prague have risen by 6.6 per cent and those in Paphos, Cyprus, are up by 12.4 per cent. In the Istrian peninsula of Croatia, prices rose by almost 30 per cent.

The Post Office’s Andrew Brown said: “We advise travellers to draw up a destination shortlist and do their homework. Forewarned is forearmed.”

Drive Down Costs

More than a million motorists paid more than they needed to for their driving licences over the past two years – because they applied by post, not online.

In total, 1.6million people paid out an additional £10 million from January 2016 to November last year, according to Money SavingExpert. A first provisional licence for a car, motorbike or moped costs £43 by post but just £34 if you apply online.

Renewing a licence is £17 by post or £14 online.

Motorists must renew their photocard licence every ten years.

Once you turn 70, you must renew it every three years, although it is free to do this. It is also free to renew a short-term medical driving licence.

Slashing Supermarket Bills

Sharon Porter, 33, from Ipswich, wants to cut her food bills to £60 a week for a family of four.

Buy meat and veg whole, not chopped or sliced. Don’t buy bags of salad, as they cost more and go off quicker than just buying the veg.
Dominic, Shrewsbury

Do one shop a week – at night, if possible, as things are reduced. Avoid costly top-up shopping by freezing your bread and milk to defrost mid-week.
Jemima, Keswick, Cumbria

Cut out meat and batch- cook nutritious stews using potato and veg. Bulk out with filling lentils and beans.
Jean Harold Wood, East London

Buy a sack of potatoes and keep in the dark out of plastic. They keep for months and will serve for two meals a week. Big bags of pasta are great. Make sauce with chopped tomatoes and onions.

Miranda, Basingstoke, Hants

Swap fresh fruit and veg for tins and frozen. There is far less chance it will go off and be thrown out.
Roger, Hull

Buy own-brand stuff and if you don’t already use it, try the shop’s value range, the cheapest in the store.
Shona, Portsmouth

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