Tom, 65, from New Jersey, has flown 20 million miles with United Airlines since signing up to their rewards programme in 1983.

Spending more time in the skies than on the ground – he estimates he spends roughly 250 days on a plane per year – the frequent flyer revealed some of the best ways to make journeys easier as well as getting better service from crew members.

Tom told Time how one phrase on a flight could make all the difference.

He explained: "When I get on the plane the first thing I say is, ‘How are you doing? Glad to be on this flight.'"

Being polite is important as he feels that passengers forget to say "please" and "thank you" more often than not when flying.

By greeting the cabin crew, it can make the flight much more enjoyable for both crew and passenger.

He even suggests a little white lie, saying: "I think I’ve flown with you before and if that was you, I don’t think I had time to say thank you, you were great."

This can "set the tone" for the rest of the flight and forge a better relationship.

Tom also advised travellers to remember they were sharing the plane with other people, and to be courteous on board.

He said: "You don’t need to be on a Skype call 20 minutes before the flight takes off and bother everybody with those loud noises."

Tom advises that by following these rules, it can make a flight much easier.

Other ways to get the best service is to always fly with one airline, to build both points and relationships, he said.

Rude passengers are common on flights, with Instagram account Passenger Shaming often revealing the worst travellers on a plane.

From bare feet to dirty habits, the worst people can often be found inside the cabin of an aircraft.

One passenger was spotted giving her sleeping companion a pedicure in the middle of their flight.

Another person on the plane was topless, much to the confusion of other travellers.

Many felt the man had a close resemblance to Santa Claus, especially as he was travelling around Christmas.

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