GREECE has reported their highest number of new coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, as infections in the country soar.

Fears that the UK will add Greece to the travel ban list have left Brits concerned for their holiday plans.

Greece initially was one of the European holiday hotspots to have kept Covid-19 cases low compared to Spain, Italy and France.

While there are just 5,623 overall cases confirmed, 202 cases were confirmed yesterday – the highest since the beginning of the year.

The jump in infections could lead to Greece being placed onto the UK travel bin list, just weeks after Spain was.

Despite this, Brits are still flocking to the holiday islands.

According to the Telegraph, holidaymakers are risking being quarantined back in the UK by still going to Greece, with the country now more popular than Spain for searches.

Skyscanner revealed that searches for flights to Crete, Corfu and Santorini have overtaken Spanish destinations such as Ibiza and Malaga.

Yet there are fears of an outbreak on the island of Mykonos, after large gatherings and beach parties led to government officials swarming the island.

Locals and tourists were forced to take tests, with 80 people told to self-isolate even if their test was negative and a beach bar was shut down.

The Foreign Office currently allows Brits to enter Greece without quarantining back in the UK, with no travel ban in place.

Brits entering Greece, however, have to fill in a Passenger Locator Form 24 hours before travelling.

Families will then be sent a QR code before travelling, which must be shown on arrival, or risk huge fines or being sent back to the UK.

Some travellers have reported problems with the forms, claiming they didn't receive the code, or warning that their tour operator didn't inform them of the new restrictions.

France may also face a UK travel ban as cases soar in the country, with 2,288 new cases confirmed on Friday.

Brits are cancelling trips to France in case they are forced to quarantine for two weeks back in the UK after their holiday.

Rishi Sunak told holidaymakers "there is always the risk of disruption" during the pandemic when asked whether France may be the next nation to face new rules.

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